This crew list is compiled from several sources: Only the Commissioned Officers are officially recorded - in the Navy List which publishes the names, ranks, and dates of appointment, of all officers serving on a particular ship. These lists are invariably behind since the information was recorded in advance of publication and promulgation. Also the last War-Time Navy List was published in July 1945 so only covers appointments up to June 1945.. The next edition did not appear as vast numbers of personnel were ‘fluid’ after the surrender of Japan and vast numbers of R.N.V.R. officers were demobed soon after.
Details of Non-commissioned officers and junior ratings are drawn from Admiralty Fleet Orders, ship’s publications and casualty lists

The list is far from complete, the SOLWAY FIRTH would have had a crew of approx 600

Commissioned officers

A/Capt. Malcolm Farquhar, RN 18 Jul 1945 (In commaqnd)
Tempy Commander (A) R.N.V.R. L. J. Fry (act) —Mar 45
Commander (S) C. A. P. Walton (act) 20 June 45
Tempy. Lieut.-Com., (E) R.N.R. C. E. A. Vann (act) —Dec 44
Lieutenant (A) F. H. Garland — Apr 45
Tempy Lieut., R.N.V.R. C J' Hardin 25 May' 45
Tempy Lieut., (S) R.N.V.R. H j Mountford 18 June 45
Tempy Lieut., (S) R.N.V.R. O. N. Piper 20 June 45
Tempy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. R. P. V. Maynard 23 July 45
Tempy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. G. Johnson 8June45
Tempy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. I. G. Whitlaker 30 July 45
Tempy. Sub- Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R. C. W. R. R. Coard 30 July 45
Tempy. Wt. Engineer D.R. Matthews M) 24 Apr 45
Tempy. Wt. Store Offr. G' H' G' Stace^ (act) 28 May 45


Non-commissioned officers

None recorded




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