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Admiralty Floating Dock 17



Members of the crew on the dock floor. ŠLynda Smith


The crew of AFD 17on the dock floor. ŠLynda Smith


View inside the narrow spaces of the dock walls: ŠLynda Smith
This photo was taken during an interview with the Australian Woman's' Weekly Magazine, Mrs Betty Nesbitt who wrote the piece is believed to be the woman in the background of this shot. The photo appears in the resulting article, printed in the August 18th 1945 issue.


AFD 17 Football tram, Iceland Photo: Roger Cundiff


Signal about Lieutenant William Cundiff, officer in command of AFD 17

prior to her beginning her tow to Australia. Source: Roger Cundiff


Certificate of service issued by the Captain of HMS Greenwich, AFD 17's parent ship on Lieutenant Cunliff leaving the ship. Source: Roger Cundiff



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