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Photographs from the collection of the late Eddie Wright, Air Mechanic (Airframes), who died on June 1st 2004



Loading Corsairs at Hamilton Wharf,  Brisbane February 1946.


Perseus carrying a full load of 60 airframes  bound for Sydney, February 1946.



To ensure the airframes don't float after ditching large holes are punched into them.


Officers and ratings on the flight deck prepare to begin ditching operations.



With a little helping hand a stripped out Corsair is pushed over the bows.


Despite the extra holes some airframes remained afloat for a few minutes.


An Avenger, her bomb bay doors open, makes a large splash as she hits. The previous dumper can be seen about to go under in the background.


An engine meets a watery grave.


Air Mechanic (Airframes) Eddie Wright on the flight deck of Perseus in Sydney Harbour in December 1945.


The members of mess 20 HMS Perseus pose in front of an aircraft lighter. Eddie Wright is middle row first from right.


Members of mess 20 on pose before being drafted to RN Barracks Sydney, HMS Golden Hind March 22nd 1946.


Members of 20 mess pose with a Walrus aboard Perseus


Members of 20 mess pose with a Walrus aboard Perseus - Eddie Wright is in the middle


A very patriotic Christmas card sent to Eddie by his Sister, Xmas 1945,
it is signed by all the members of mess 20.




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