No Badge Issued


Aircraft Types



Avenger I
Mar 1945 - Oct 1945

Avenger II
Mar 1945 - Sep 1945

Avenger III
Feb 1946 - Mar 1946
Barracuda II
Aug 1945 - Mar 1946

Corsair II
Mar 1945 - Dec 1945

Corsair IV
Dec 1945 - Jul 1946

Firefly 1
Nov 1945 - Jan 1946

Hellcat I
 Mar 1945 - Sep 1945
Hellcat II
Dec 1945 -1946

Seafire III
Mar 1945 - Nov 1945

Seafire XV
1946 -1946

Commanding Officers


Lt. Cdr(A) RE Bradshaw DSC & 2 Bars RN
6 Mar 1945

Lt. Cdr(A) DMR Wynne-Roberts RN

31Aug 1945

Lt. Cdr(A) CA Fraser RN

22 Oct 1945

Squadron disbanded 31 May 1946



706 Naval Air Squadron


The core personnel of No.706 Squadron assembled in the United Kingdom during January 1945, and took passage for Australia on 2 February 1945. The unit assembled at the beginning of March at RNAS Jervis Bay, New South Wales, before moving to RBAS Schofields, New South Wales, on March 3rd, where it officially commissioned on April 10th 1945 under the command of Lt. Cdr(A) RE Bradshaw DSC** RN. The Squadron was the first resident flying unit at RNAS Schofields.


The squadron began working up as a Crew Pool & Refresher Flying Training School; because of its training task this was a large unit, with a total strength of 36 aircraft, its equipment comprised of 6 each of Avenger, Barracuda, Corsair, Firefly, Hellcat & Seafire aircraft. The squadron acted as a pool for aircrew destined for the British Pacific Fleet, and provided refresher training for aircrew arriving from the United Kingdom and Ceylon; it also undertook conversion training for pilots changing aircraft types.


The squadron moved to RNAS Maryborough, Queensland, on August 28th; Lt. Cdr (A) DMR Wynne-Roberts RN assumed command on the 31st and the units equipment strength began to be gradually reduced as surplus aircraft were flown to RNARY Archerfield, Brisbane, until by mid-October it had only two of each type left. Having completed its downsizing the unit moved again, this time to RNAS Nowra, New South Wales, on October 24th 1945, and a new commanding officer, Lt. Cdr (A) CA Fraser RN, was appointed. On January 18th 1946 the unit returned to RNAS Schofields where it was disbanded on May 31st 1946.


The officers and men of 706 squadron with one of the unit's aircraft .  Photo curtsey of Mr. Leslie Meakin (pictured 6th from right, bottom row)


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