No Badge issued


Battle Honours:


Aircraft  Types

Corsair Mk. III

CMay -Aug 1944

Corsair Mk. II

Aug 44-Jan 45


Corsair Mk. IV

Feb - Sept 1945


Commanding Officers:

Lt. Cdr (A)DK Evans, RNZNVR

May -Sept 1944

Lt. Cdr (A) DFV Davis, RCNVR (temp) Sept -Oct 1944

Major PP Nelson-Gracie, RM

Oct 44-Feb 45

Lt. Cdr (A) PCS Chilton, RN

Feb 45-end of WW2







A History of 1843 Naval Air Squadron


1843 squadron officially formed at US naval air station Brunswick May 1st 1944 as a single seat fighter squadron with 18 Corsair IIIs. After working up at USN Brunswick they embarked in HMS TROUNCER on August 2nd 1944 for transit the UK. The squadron disembarked to RNAS Eglinton, Northern Ireland on August 24th.

The squadron became part of the 10th Naval Fighter Wing and moved to RNAS Ayr on October 23rd, returning to Eglinton on December 15th to make final preparations for deployment to the Pacific in the New Year. 8 aircraft undertook Deck Landing Training on HMS PATROLLER between December 21st & 23rd before Christmas and embarkation leave was granted.

!843 embarked in HMS ARBITER with 24 Corsairs on February 14th 1945 for passage to Australia, taking passage through the Suez Canal to Colombo, on to Bombay and finally Sydney. The squadron disembarked some aircraft to RNAS Colombo, operating there between April 4th & 13th before rejoining the ship. 1843 disembarked to RNAS Schofields, New South Wales, on May 1st 1945.

The aircraft and a detachment of maintenance personnel rejoined ARBITER on May 20th for operational duties with the Fleet Train , disembarking to RNAS Ponam in the Admiralty Islands on May 31st. After three weeks of operational training ashore the aircraft re-embarked in ARBITER and sailed for Brisbane on June 25th.

The squadron disembarked to RNAS Maryborough, Queensland on July 4th to rejoin her admin & maintenance personnel who had arrived on the station the day before, moving up from Schofields. This was to be a short stay, the entire squadron moving again on the 15th, back down to New South Wales to join RNAS Jervis Bay. The stores and equipment were flown down by the newly formed RAAF Transport Commands Dakotas, the remainder of the personnel travelling by train. The squadron spent one week on RNAS Jervis Bay, living under canvas in quagmire like conditions before moving for the final time to their new home at RNAS Nowra, only a few miles up the road,

1843 was to be a spare squadron, eventually joining a spare Air Group, 3 Carrier Air Group, which formed at Nowra on August 2nd 1945, comprising of 854 Avenger and 1843 & 1845 Corsair squadrons. The end of the war came before the Air Group was deployed and it was disbanded on October 20th 1945. All personnel form the Air Group not assigned to other units and duties embarked in the troop ship S.S. strateden on October 24th for passage to the UK. 1843 squadron's aircraft were retained at Nowra.


Content revised: July 2008

Sources used in compiling this account:

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