In the summer of 1946 the Mobile Naval Airfields Organisation was considerably scaled back as the need for the mobile units had ended and the organisation was relocated to RNAS Lossiemouth in Morayshire, Scotland when RNAS Middle Wallop was closed and handed back to the RAF. With the closure of the formation station and the paying off of HMS Flycatcher the MNAO became a lodger unit at HMS FULMAR Lossiemouth and a review of the organisation was undertaken.


The retained wartime mobile units, MONAB X and MATMU No. 1 were also accommodated RNAS Lossiemouth while MR 4 was installed, on a semi-permanent basis, at RNAS Milltown the satellite airfield to Lossiemouth. The MNAO was now tasked with two main roles, the continued utilisation of MONAB 10 as a trials  & development unit, alongside the new tasking of creating Reserve Storage MONABs from the equipment being returned from units in Australia. Composite MONABs were established at RN Air Stations Takali in Malta, Trincomalee in Ceylon, and a reinforced MONAB IX retained at R.N.A.S Sembawang; this provided an enhanced MONAB held in storage on a care & maintenance basis for reactivation should it be required.


Over the next four years the components and structure of MONAB X were modified and redesigned, and new mobile equipment was tested for its suitability for field use. At some stage the organisation's name was changed to reflect its new post-war role, being renamed the MONAB Development Unit (MDU).

By 1950 the reserve units overseas had been disbanded and MONAB X was held in storage at RNAS Lossiemouth pending a decision about its future usage. This was discussed at a meeting held on September 13th 1950 which resulted in the proposed reconstruction and reactivation of the unit and its installation at a reserve airfield. 

MONAB 10 was to leave RNAS Lossiemouth by the middle of 1952, it was reactivated by Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order (CAFO) 139/51 which called MONAB 10 out of retirement, effective from September 7th 1951. The unit was to be installed at RNAS Henstridge, Dorset which was had been reduced to Care & Maintenance.  This decision was possibly to free up space at RNAS Lossiemouth, and to maintain the MONAB in storage.  The unit was in place by the autumn of 1952. When it was finally disbanded on July 2nd 1955 its equipment was still installed at RNAS Henstridge.


The MDU disappears from official records by the end of the 1950s, when it had either been absorbed into another organisation or was disbanded.


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Function :
Naval Air Station

Commissioned :
 7 Jul1y 946

Paid Off :
29 September 1972



  • Captain D. Maclntyre ~ Dates not know



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