The airfield lies on the South coast of Jervis Bay, New South Wales, (today the location lies within the area known as Jervis Bay Territory). The Jervis Bay Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Creswell, and adjacent settlement of Jervis Bay lie 1 mile to the west of the airfield. Nowra airfield lies 25 miles northwest by road. Sydney lies 75 miles North West.


The airfield is 200 feet above sea level. There are two sealed gravel runways, both 1665 x 50 yds. There were a few permanent buildings on the NE side of the airfield, capable of accommodating 400 personnel.


The airfield at Jervis Bay was built for the R.A.A.F as a satellite to R.A.A.F Nowra, runways, taxi ways and aircraft parking areas only were completed before transfer to RN control.



Initially operated as a tender to RNAS Nowra, being in use for operational flying by MONAB I from March 7th through to April 28th 1945 when control was transferred to MONAB V. Commissioned as HMS NABSWICK on May 1st. used for operational flying until MONAB V transferred to RNAS Nowra on November 15th 1945. Airfield returned to R.A.A.F control.



Jervis Bay airfield is still going strong as a satellite airfield for Nowra (HMAS ALBATROSS). It is also the location of the RAN's Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence (NBCD) school. For many years it was the airfield from which Jindivik pilotless drone aircraft were launched for fleet Anti-Aircraft Warfare training.


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