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The first of May brought 1843 Squadron's Corsair IVs disembarking from HMS ARBITER; they were to stay until the 20th before rejoining HMS ARBITER. On May 9th HMS NABTHORPE celebrated Victory in Europe Day, a specially prepared Victory menu was served for the ship's company covering Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Supper.


A shot of the squadron maintenance area at R.N.A.S. Schofields  taken shortly after the units arrival. Photo: From author's collection.


The start of June saw the second large scale disembarkation of squadrons form the fleet; 820 Squadron's Avengers, 887 & 894 Squadron's Seafires and 1770 Squadron's Fireflies arriving at Schofields from INDEFATIGABLE on the 5th. 1834 & 1836 Squadrons also arrived on this date with Corsairs disembarking from HMS VICTORIOUS, staying until re-embarking on the 26th. 


On the first of July 820 re-embarked in INDEFATIGABLE, while. 887, 894 & 1772 Squadrons embarked in INDEFATIGABLE on July 7th.  No. 15 C.A.G.s 1851 Corsair & 814 Barracuda squadrons were next to arrive on the station, disembarking from HMS VENERABLE on July 21st.  The C. in C. B.P.F. Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser visited Schofields on July 28th as part of his tour of the support facilities in Australia.





VENERABLE's air group re-embark on August 13th and 1790 squadron's Firefly NF 1s disembarked from HMS VINDEX. On  August 15th1945 the Japanese surrender, this date declared 'Victory over Japan' or VJ Day. 1831 & 837 Squadrons (16 C.A.G.) disembarked from HMS GLORY on the following day, they were soon followed by 880 Squadron's Seafire IIIs which disembarked from HMS IMPLACABLE on August 25th.


706 squadron departed for RNAS Maryborough, MONAB VI on August 28th as part of a rationalization of training provision in Australia, Schofields was to receive a new Flying Training unit in early September so 706 was transferred to the permanent strength of HMS NABSTOCK; 1770 Squadron's Fireflies also departed for Maryborough the next day.


Note: MONAB 6 was mot equipped to handle Fireflies so a detachment of 13 men was assembled from the 4 Officers. 16 CPOs & POs and 10 ratings of M.S. 3 to travel to RNAS Maryborough. The detachment comprised of Lt. Romanoff, 1 CPO , 8 POs, 2 LAFs and one steward. This party left for Maryborough by train, and was issued with equipment from MONAB 6 on reaching Maryborough.


On the first of September 1831 & 837 squadrons re-embarked in HMS GLORY and 702 Instrument Flying Training & Checking Squadron arrived at Schofields on the 4th; the squadron had formed and worked up in the UK at RNAS Hinstock, Shropshire, before shipping out to Australia. The unit was equipped with Oxfords and Harvard IIbs.

A shot of R.N.A.S. Schofields  taken shortly after V-J Day. Photo: From the collection of Stan Spencer.

801 Squadron disembark from HMS IMPLACABLE on September 9th; two days later this unit absorbed 880 Squadron's aircraft when it was disbanded at RNAS Schofields on the 11th.  899 Seafire OTU also disbanded at RNAS Schofields on September 18th, having successfully passed out two courses of 12 RAAF pilots.  At the end of September HMS INDOMITABLE returned to Sydney, her 11th carrier air group, (No.s 885.887, 894 & 1772 Squadrons) disembarking to Schofields, 885 Squadron was disbanded upon arrival.

As part of a review of the naval air support in the Pacific theatre the Admiralty announced that four Mobile Units were to close in early November 1945, these were to be MONAB 1, 3, 4 and 7; MONABs 2, 5 & 6 plus TAMY I would continue operations in support of fleet operations and the reception and disposal of aircraft arising from the disbandment of squadrons as the BPF began to reduce it's size.

HMS NABTHORPE & MONAB III paid off at Schofields on November 15th 195. RNAS Schofields re-commissioned as HMS NABSTOCK, the same day, MONAB VI replacing MONAB III taking over much of the stores and equipment in situ, her personnel being drafted back to the UK or dispersed to other units in Australia.  887 squadron re-embarked in HMS INDOMITABLE on the same sate.


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Function :
The support of disembarked Squadrons, the provision of Crew Pool & Refresher Flying School (706 Naval Air Squadron).


MONAB Components :
Mobile Maintenance 2, Maintenance Servicing 3 & 4


Commissioned :
04 December 1944 (at Ludham)
18 February 1945 (at Schofields)


Paid Off :
15 November 1945 (at Schofields)




  • Commander (A) E.W. Kenton 04 December 1944 to 15 November 1945



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