"I got drafted on to the MONAB at Henstridge in August 1955 - there were 12 of us, various trades, plus our own cook. The Officer In Charge was a Lt. Jay. We were bussed out daily from Yeovilton and bussed back every afternoon.


As the only Radio Mech there my job in the morning was to open up all the transmitter huts and switch on the transmitters. Lunchtime - switch them all off again. Then we'd all sit down to a splendid 3-course lunch, Lt. Jay included and prepared for the afternoon 'shift'. This comprised, for me anyway, of open all the receiver huts and switch on all the receivers. The hardest part of the job was to keep out of the way of Lt. Jay - just in case he walked round."
John 'Taff' Hemming
Radio Electrical Mechanic (Air)
 MONAB 10 Care & Maintenance Party

RNAS Henstridge


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