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Can you help us identify these pictures?


Mystery Photo #7

Can you identify when and where this photo was taken?

It is a location in the UK



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Mystery Photo #6

Where is this?

It is a location in Ceylon but where?



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Mystery Photo #5

Which establishment?

Can anyone suggest  which naval establishment these Wrens belonged to? The white bands on their caps would suggest they are officer candidates.



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Eldred Clark  wrote:

I think that this is RNC Greenwich — There was a WRNS OCTU there when I was doing the Met course in early 1942




Mystery Photo #4

Which establishment?

Can anyone suggest where this cricket ground was and which naval establishment these Wrens belonged to?



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Mystery Photo(s) #3


A Fleet Review?

Believed to be a Royal Naval Review, certainly pre WW1.  The photo donor believes  that the location is Torbay, can anyone say when this took place and what was the  occasion?



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Tony Atkinson wrote:

The bottom of the two photographs shows the Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert sailing through the lines of capitol ships in Torbay. The headland to the left of the photograph is Berry Head, Devon.


Paul Lloyd  suggests:

I believe this may be part of the home fleet cruise of 1907 and may have been as a demonstration to the visiting Japanese prince. See the page from the Times, dated May 6, 1907 - (opposite) article about Naval and Military Intelligence.



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Mystery Photo #2


An escort aircraft carrier  ferrying  aircraft... But which ship?

Is she assuming American or British?  Are these spitfires or Hurricanes (no folding  wings) with a Swordfish or Albacore? parked near the bows. Or are they American fighters on her deck?


This is the USS Altamaha (CVE 18), departing Alameda, California, 16 July 1943, bound for Australia with a load of P-51 Mustangs and a lone SOC Seagull.



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Crew of MTB 639

Mystery Photo(s) #1

A pair of photos taken outside the same building... but where? And which ship is this crew from?

No big clues for this, other than they are in temperate climate uniform (so the palm trees maybe misleading) and the photo donor believes them to be Coastal Forces, possibly an MGB or MTB crew.

Anyone any ideas?



From the London Branch, Coastal Forces Veterans

... the location for these photos 1s the Coastal Forces base HMS BEE at Weymouth. The base was commissioned in the summer of 1942 and occupied the Pierhead Theatre, a hotel, and a row of requisitioned boarding-houses. Newly formed crews and their boats participated in exercises at sea here to bring them up to operational readiness, which is why many crew photos of crews exist with this same background. Regards


Stephen Morse of Auckland NZ:

The trees in the background are New Zealand Cabbage trees, so not necessarily tropical. The officers are RNVR (or possibly RNZRNVR), so probably not Merchant Marine. They have on their caps HMTS. Could be His Majesty's Telegraph Ship or His Majesty's Training Ship or His Majesty's Troop Ship. RNZN came into existence in 1941. It looked a bit like Auckland NZ, just up the road from the RNZN base at Devonport. There are also lots of NZ cabbage trees in Bournemouth.


Frank O’Neill  suggests:

HMS St Christopher , Fort William, and supplies another photo taken in front of the pavilion, this one is of the crew of MTB 639.  The commanding officer, Lt. Stewart Gould is in the middle of the front row



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