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This Reunion Group held several annual meetings at the Stafford Hotel in Chester during the early 1990's, but due to age related travel problems and the deaths of members, the group wound up by mutual consent when numbers dropped to around six. However many of the surviving members are still in contact with each other via telephone and letters.


It might be of some interest to readers to know the original membership of the group, though it should be emphasised that many of those listed have now passed away.


Andy Bell - Signalman
Alan Badsey - Radar
Harry Beadles - Radar
Graham Bence = Lt. Navigation Officer
Richard Brooke - CPO Air Fitter
J. Corrin - Air Mechanic
K. Custos
Tom Evans - AB. Gunners Party
John Dunn - Signalman F. Drakes
May Hardcastle - Widow of Fred Hardcastle Ship's Cobbler
Ken Harman - AB, Radar
Jack Hill - AB
John Howse - Stoker
A. Hughes - Son of Lt Hughes Gunnery Officer
Reg Hunt - Supply Assistant
Richard Johnson - PO. RM. AR
Alf Jones - AB
Sid Jones DSM - Air Articifer
Alan Kellett - AB Radar
John Lawson - Coder
Douglas Moore - Ldg Gunner
John Miners - Coder
Clive Oakes - Ldg Telegraphist
Arthur Palfrey - AB.Gunners Party Richard Rowell
Gordon Showell - Pilot
Fred Sykes - Sub Lt. Electrician

R. Vickers
Mick Waddington - Telegraphist
Tom Madden - AB.

Bob Ardern
Len Ball - AB. RP3
Eileen Osborne - Widow of AB F Osborne

Ray Davies
Len Hill

Should anyone require further news of surviving members of the group, they can contact John Lawson at 52 Rokeby Avenue, Hull, HU4 7NA or by telephone - 01482 353494 - email:




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