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R.N. Air Section Cochin - HMS KALUGU


Does anyone know anything about the Test & Despatch section at RN air section Cochin during WW2?  The attached photos were sent in by Michael Moore, his father Dennis is in the pictures

R.N. Air Section Cochin was an aircraft erection depot serving R.N.A.S. Coimbatore, about 200 Kilometers NE of Cochin.

Spitfire Addict:
Thank you for posting the pictures. We often forget that the rear echelons, although perhaps not as glamorous as the frontline fighter squadrons, the maintenance and repair units played an essential role in the war effort (103 MTU in Abokir Egypt comes to mind) and deserve some attention. Of particular interest to me is the anti-glare panel painted on the top of the fuselage. Of the many pictures I have seen of the FAA Tarpon/Avenger, this is the first time I have seen one with that particular application, very interesting.

Ron Davis:
Sorry, but I am unable to help with any of the photo's shown here.
I do have info. that No.1850 R.N. Fighter Squadron was at Coimbatore, Cochin between 11th June and 1st July 1945, although I have the Base name as HMS. GARUDA, not as HMS. KALUGU??



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