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Author Topic: Help please for a puzzled Pongo  (Read 2372 times)

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Help please for a puzzled Pongo
« on: 30 October 2015 04:40:45 pm »

A.B. JX284640 Olaf Conquest was my Father in Law and I am having a little difficulty in reconciling the later part of his pay and victualing record and what his descendants remember.  Family legend has it that he ended the war in  Kiel and I have what I believe are a pair of German Infantry Binos  he liberated there! But He was on the strength of HMS Osprey at the time and I believe Osprey was an Anti submarine Warfare training Establishment in Scotland.
There are a number of other postings that do not seem to fit an ASDIC rating.
10 days in September 44 at HMS Excalibur an RM training Establishment
followed by 8 weeks at HMS King Alfred an RNVR officer training establishment, not followed by a commission.
Then further spells at HMS Osprey and Nimrod Before the first 3 months of 1945 at HMS Ferret in Londonderry.
At the end of March he spends 2 weeks at HMS Hornet (Combined Operations) Gosport  before returning to the Strength of HMS Osprey on 4th April 1945 until his discharge in November.
On 5th May 1945 Kiel naval base was seized by a Combined op's Task force Including 30 assault Unit RN. Could Olaf have been attached or am I Guilty of wishful thinking.
Incidentally Olafs's Father was the Son of a Swedish tailor named Kronquist and his mother was the Daughter of a German Thames Bargemaster.

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