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HMS Lucia, Bideford and Venerable


My Dad, Harry Roskell served from Jan 1942 until July 1946. His active service was carried out on HMS Bideford and HMS Venerable. I have his service record but there are parts of it which puzzle me. It shows that he served on HMS Venerable from August 1945 until February 1946 and he was posted to HMS Golden Hind, a shore based establishment at Warwick Farm, Sydney, Australia where he is shown to be until 27 February 1946. His record then shows that he was posted, on 28 February 1946 to HMS Drake, shore based at Great Malvern, Worcestershire with no explanation as to how he got there and from there he went to HMS Lucia from 19 April to 2 May before returning to Drake from 3 May to 9 July when he was discharged. I am interested as to why it took five months for his discharge and why when he returned from Australia he was shuffled around three times and what was the Lucia engaged in at this time. Also how he got back to England from Australia. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks. 

I would think that the time in Golden Hind was essentially for the purposes of Pay, he was probably on his way home at this time.  This was probably by troopship rather than warship, but finding out which will be difficult.
Lucia was de-storing in early 1946, at Devonport, having arrived back in the UK from India in February 1946, so your Dad may simply have been drafted to her to assist with the task


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