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Author Topic: Naval Historic Branch  (Read 46 times)


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Naval Historic Branch
« on: 10 October 2018 01:44:03 PM »

Many, many years back,my husband contacted by phone the Naval Historic Branch when it was in central London.  We were (and still are!) researching what Dad was doing in Singapore just before it fell in February 1942.  A gentleman confirmed that the ship Dad escaped on, a waterboat called DAISY, had been briefly seconded into the RN.
I am trying to find out the followig:
1)  Are there surviving records of when and how DAISY was seconded.
2)  I believe that DAISY was crewed for this period by RN personnel, does any record survive of who these men were.  I believe it to have been 1 P.O. and 5 or 6 ORs.
3) The RN men on DAISY were, I believe like a number of other men, authorised to try and escape because they had essential skills.  Is there a surviving list of the men who were given such authorisation?
4)  Where would I find any of this information?

Many thanks for any ideas and suggestions.
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Re: Naval Historic Branch
« Reply #1 on: 12 October 2018 02:42:25 PM »

Details of DAISY may be found in Lloyds Register of Shipping =
Tonnage: 163   Dimensions:  100.3ft x 22.1ft
Built: 1938 at Hong Kong for W. Hammer & Co, Singapore
Fitted as a Water Tanker;  one deck; engines aft; 5-cylinder Crossley Bros. diesel engine
The Daisy was evidently used by Singapore Harbour Board. 
The escape from Singapore was somewhat chaotic and vessels were taken over with little official paperwork – and what there was would not have survived.  Any and all vessels in Singapore harbour were used for the evacuation.

In answer to your specific questions:

1: No. She was probably taken over on or about the 12 February, solely for the use of the evacuation

2: She would have been crewed with anyone that was available - crew lists simply do not exist.  After the war, there were various attempts to try and compile lists of who went on what vessel, but these are often contradictory. 

3: It may have started with people being authorised, but by 13/14 Feb, everyone was told to get out by whatever means they could

4.  What records there are are all now in the National Archives at Kew.

I can say from my brief notes I have Daisy – water boat, left S’pore 13 Feb with Yin Ping; Mr Walmsley

An account of the escape of DAISY may be found here:

There is mention of her in the account of the escape of Lt Mann from Singapore:

Also features in the sinking of the Yin Ping:

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