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AFO's Admiralty Fleet Orders,

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tom grant:
Greetings All
     I wonder is there any place or even a collector who would be able to tell me what one of the AFO's mentioned, I have been looking for this particular AFO for many years, but as we all know these are a thing of the past, and I guess dead and buried, in my time in the Navy I had access to AFO's on a daily bases, but what happened to these when they were no longer required,
Any help would be most appreciated as to a place or collector,
Tom Grant


A.F.O's were replaced by D.C.I's in the 1960's.   Copies of AFO's are now held by the National Archives at Kew


tom grant:
thanks for the address for the National Archives, i was aware of the change over  from AFOs to DCI, iused to deal with them on a daily bases, i am trying to see what AFO 1414/54 is about , ( i think it a reference to the official badge for fast patrol boats ) i will try my luck on the address you ,
 Thanks Tom Grant

tom grant:
 Big Sorry the AFO i am looking for is AFO 1414/56 not as first asked for 1414/54, its 56
Thanks Tom

Then it will be in this volume:


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