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Author Topic: Discharged to Sick Bay records?  (Read 4007 times)


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Discharged to Sick Bay records?
« on: 23 April 2020 10:38:33 am »

Hi all

I have a relative that I am researching who was likely aboard the HMS Irresistible at the Battle of Cape St Vincent among other vessels in subsequent actions and I am looking for the answer to a very quick question.

While he was aboard HMS Bonnetta (possibly in Newfoundland) he was discharged to sick quarters - yet the "sick quarters" is crossed out and "unserviceable" is written alongside, possibly as a correction. Would there be records of sick quarters on-shore in Newfoundland or recorded back in England or  any advice on how to find out the reason for the discharge/sickness in question would be most appreciated.

I know that there can be sick quarters/bats aboard ship, but I'm guessing that you wouldn't be discharged on a pay record if you were still aboard.

Later, he was on the HMS Nancy around 1800-1, probably in The Downs, and was also discharged to sick quarters. I presume that these sick quarters were on land somewhere (would it have been Haslar?) and that I may be able to find a record of reasons for his admission. Any advice here would also be appreciated.

As soon as I can get to Kew, I will also look up his muster records, as I have only been able to locate pay records online so far, but would also be looking for these medical admissions, if they exist and if I can find out where best to find what I am looking for.

Best wishes to you and I hope that you stay safe.



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Re: Discharged to Sick Bay records?
« Reply #1 on: 23 April 2020 06:21:32 pm »

You may be lucky to find your man, as rating's records for the 18th/early 19th C are sparse, to say the least.

That said you could try the following:

If he was at Newfoundland, then it would have been Halifax - see TNA ADM 102/255 through to ADM 102/259

If in the Downs, then probably Deal : see TNA ADM 102/196 ADM 102/193 ADM 102/176 to & 178
or possibly Dover, see:  ADM 102/205   Dover 

{p.s. never say "the HMS" .}
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