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Hi all, completely new to this so here goes. I'm trying to research my ex-father in law who served during the 39-45 war. Not getting anywhere at all so have been pointed in this direction. I have joined Ancestry and also been on the National archive's website but unless you know what to look for it all seems so complicated. All the information that I have of him is, his name was Charles Hemmings and his service no. was C/JX552896. I think that he originated from the Cambridge area. Any help at all regarding his service history or helpful pointers for me to getting anything from Ancestry or the National archives or any other sites would be greatly appreciated. 

Request for a copy of his Service Record -


You will have to fill some forms in and there is a small fee


...and as/when you have his record from the MoD, if you want any assistance in interpreting it, just post it up here, and someone will help

Thanks for the information Phil.


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