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I have my fathers service record and I canít read the name of two ships.

The line starting Shrapnel (c.onu ..........) and the second Shrapnel (M...........)  May 1944 to September 1944

I know he served on the HMS Icarus but not any others.

Thank you for any help.

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CONU Calshot = Commanding Officer Naval Unit at Calshot.   This was not a commissioned naval ship, hence he was carried on the books of SHRAPNEL, which an Accounting Base at Southampton.   It was at RAF Calshot which was used for the assembly of Landing Craft ready for the D-Day landings

MASTODON = was the name given to Exbury House and was used for training Landing Craft crews for D-Day

He is later shown as Eaglet for ICARUS - Eaglet was the name of the base that would have looked after the accounts, Icarus was the ship, a destroyer

and later Vernon for OBDURATE - again, Vernon was the accounts base, Obdurate the destroyer

Thank you very much.


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