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Looking for destroyer active January 29-30 1943 between Sicily and Algiers


To whom it may concern:

I was wondering if your institute could help me to identify the aforementioned ship(s).

My father was a German JU 88 bomber crew member. His base was Catania, Sicily. His plane was supposed to attack the port of Algiers in the night of January 29-30 1943. His plain shot by British fighters that night between Sicily and Algiers. He could exit the plane by parachute and spent the night in the Mediterranean Sea. He was rescrued by a British destroyer and brought to Algiers afterwards.

This weekend we found some letters of him mentioning his rescrue by a British destroyer. However, the letter did not mention the name of the destroyer.

I tried to find some information on the internet and found your website.

Hence, I would be very thankful  if you could help me.


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