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Royal Navy Record- help please




I would be grateful for some help in deciphering the remarks section of this R.N. Record.


I am interested to know if this man served on the "Leda". It's not listed in the top section as a ship served on. Was he perhaps held on this ship until returned to shore in October 1905 after deserting in August 1905?


Also, is the initial rank Stoker 2nd Class, then promoted to simple Stoker?


Thank you


Not shown as being drafted to Leda, his ships shown as Vivid – Exmouth – Harrier – Montagu
Clearly, he did not enjoy his time in the Navy, attempting to desert on several occasions.   He seems to have been ‘recovered’ from his latest absence on 10 October, noted ‘not to be claimed for further service’ on 12 October and D(ischarged) to Shore 13 October.    The reference to Leda, being written alongside the recovery date could suggest that he was handed over to that ship on being ‘recovered’, but I cannot de-cipher the scribble next to the name
At this time Leda was stationed at Greenock in Scotland, if this makes any sense

He does appear to have been rated Stoker from Stoker 2nd Class

Thank you so much for your help. It is appreciated.

The text written after "Leda" looks like "Dec 05" but would that make sense if discharged in October?

Was the rating of Stoker achieved on 10 Aug 03? Or does this date relate to something else?

Thank you again for any help you can give on this.


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