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Troop convoys 1941/42


I am looking for any information about convoy WS12 and DM1.

WS12 left the Clyde circa 12 November 1942 initially for the Middle East but was diverted To Freetown after Pearl Harbour.  I was carrying 6HAA Royal Artillery amongst others. 

The convoy was split at Durban and DM1 was formed, fast convoy to Singapore, carrying predominately 6HAA Royal Artillery.

I should like to hear of any surviving information about these  convoys.  I believe they were lucky enough not to experience losses but were they ever attacked?

According to the spars information I have these were the escort vessels.  Clyde to Freetown: Badsworh, Clover, Dulverton, Exmoor, Foresight, Forrester, Fury, Maori, Southwold, Vanquisher, Velox, Vimy, Whitehall and Witch.  Not all of these vessels were with the convoy all the time.  From Durban to Singapore, I do not think there were any escorts for this convoy.  Is this correct?

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Some info here:


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