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 on: 16 October 2021 02:19:15 pm 
Started by rosy18 - Last Post by rosy18


I would be grateful for some help in deciphering the remarks section of this R.N. Record.


I am interested to know if this man served on the "Leda". It's not listed in the top section as a ship served on. Was he perhaps held on this ship until returned to shore in October 1905 after deserting in August 1905?


Also, is the initial rank Stoker 2nd Class, then promoted to simple Stoker?


Thank you

 on: 22 August 2021 04:53:49 pm 
Started by Ryanhill - Last Post by Ryanhill

I have a WW1 era portrait photo of a seaman wearing a cap emblazoned ďHMS HazardĒ, taken in Malta. It accompanies a photo of my Great-Great Uncle who served onboard the HMS Hood of the same period. However I have no clue who the HMS Hazard crew member is. Is he a relative or a friend of my Great-Great Uncle..?

Has anybody come across crew manifests for HMS Hazard during WW1? Iím hoping I may recognise a surname, should such a list exist.


 on: 12 August 2021 09:26:02 am 
Started by douglaso - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Have you seen this website/:
It is about the restoration of a model of the Whitethorn and includes a " of the ship, taken by a crew member whose name was written on the reverse."

Looks like this is now at New Brunswick Museum in St John, NB. Canada.

Might be worth trying to contact them..

 on: 12 August 2021 02:46:02 am 
Started by Leofric - Last Post by benedictbrown
Thanks for sharing, these are the documents I was looking for.  :D :D :D

 on: 11 August 2021 05:00:53 pm 
Started by douglaso - Last Post by douglaso
My grandfather served on the M/S trawler Whitethorn at HMS Baldur, Iceland from Feb 43 to April 44. We havenít been able to track down any photographs of her, I believe pennant no was T127, would anyone have any further info or point us in the right direction? Many thanks

 on: 05 August 2021 04:13:56 pm 
Started by Jim Carter - Last Post by Jim Carter

My first post on the forum.

I am writing a history of my Great Grandfather from his time in the RN from 1918 through to demobilisation in 1945. At present I am working on his time on the Tribal Destroyer, HMS Nubian, which he joined at her working up trials through to her stern being blown off during the Battle fo Crete in May 1941.

If anyone out there can help me with any aspect of Nubian I would be very grateful and obviously pleased to hear from you! You can email me or pm via the site or via this topic of course.

Also of interest will be any association with Nubian, such as from the other ships in D14 such as Jervis and Mohawk to name a few.

For those who are curious, my Great Grandfather served on a number of ships during his long career as an Able Seaman, most notably Effingham and Hawkins (both two and a half year commissions on the East Indies Station), Iron Duke when a gunnery training ship at Excellent and of course Nubian.



 on: 28 July 2021 03:39:50 pm 
Started by Leofric - Last Post by Leofric

Can anyone please point me to any good sources of information about the activities and ships attached to the East Africa Patrol Flotilla (I believe several converted anti-submarine whalers) and the Aden Escort Group in 1944-1945. The former operated out of Mombasa which was home to the Eastern Fleet for much of the war.

Thank you

 on: 19 July 2021 11:54:26 am 
Started by Leofric - Last Post by Leofric
Hi everyone,

Thank you for letting me join this forum. I have read many of the knowledgable submissions posted here.

I have been trying to research my late dads war service using what scant evidence there is available. What I have gathered so far I have posted on this web page and I would welcome any comments or corrections that you may have

Many thanks in advance.

 on: 18 July 2021 03:05:19 pm 
Started by Tina2768 - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

re: Kirkham  - yes, it would make sense.  This probably refers to RAF Kirkham, which was  used for armament training, with courses on different weapons.

Abroad - sorry, it looks as if never left the UK ...

 on: 17 July 2021 09:13:27 am 
Started by Tina2768 - Last Post by Tina2768
My mum says that she thinks the word we canít read is Kirkham, would that make sense?
Would he have ever been deployed overseas?
Many thanks

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