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 on: 27 November 2020 07:51:50 pm 
Started by BargeBoy - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

It says Invalided 29/8/45 amended to 31/8/45 

Invalided means discharged due to illness

The other scribble next to that looks like Nil FSL (final service leave) : I cannot say what the rest of the scribble says, but it is probably a document reference

 on: 27 November 2020 11:18:38 am 
Started by BargeBoy - Last Post by BargeBoy
I have now received H.F.B. Yuill's service record. It would appear from one of the documents that he was discharged. However, I don't understand the reason. Is anyone able to help me please?
Thank you.

 on: 26 November 2020 09:57:14 am 
Started by Moggy123 - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

You must remember that with a Naval service record, it is not a precise record of someone's movements, rather, who was responsible for making sure he was paid etc. 

Pembroke was the name of the naval barracks at Chatham.  They would have been what is known as his 'parent establishment' and would have made sure that he was paid etc, until he could be taken over by a new 'parent' - your relative obviously arrived in Egypt in May 1944 when Nile took over as being the 'parent'.   This also explains why some names appear in brackets after others.  The first name is the 'parent', who looked after all the paperwork, the name in brackets was where he actually was.

He would not have flown out - that was strictly for senior officers.  He would have taken passage on a ship en-route to Egypt, presumably in April 1944: unless mentioned anywhere, that would be very difficult to identify.  During this time he would have remained 'on the books' of Pembroke.

 on: 25 November 2020 03:09:10 pm 
Started by Moggy123 - Last Post by Moggy123
Hi ,
My uncle Toms service record shows him on what looks the Pembroke between 12.02 1944 and 03.05.1944 , and then on 04.05.1944 he is at HMS Nile in Egypt .

So am i reading the name of the ship / shore base correctly ( Pembroke ) and if so , would they have flown him out there to Egypt or could there some information missing between 12.03.1944 and 03.05.1944.

Info attached

Moggy 123

 on: 23 November 2020 02:28:40 pm 
Started by Moggy123 - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

SPHINX – name of the camp at Alexandria

CANOPUS – name of a camp at Ras-el-Tin, Alexandria

CONVOLVULUS  - a ‘Flower’ class corvette.  It had been worked hard on the North Atlantic and Mediterranean busily employed as a convoy escort


 on: 22 November 2020 02:07:08 pm 
Started by Moggy123 - Last Post by Moggy123
Can anyone help me please , i am researching my Uncle Tom , and have obtained his records , however there are two names that i cant read

He was at HMS Nile a shore base in Alexandria in 1944 ,there are three entrants 1. Nile (Sphinx) , 2. Nile (-----) 3. Nile ( ----- )it is the later two that i cannot read , any help would be appreciated .

Attachment enclosed

Many Thanks


 on: 15 November 2020 09:09:34 am 
Started by Jordi - Last Post by Jordi
Hi all,

HMS minesweeper Fantome was mined and damaged off Cape Bon (Tunis) 20 May 1943. Do you know what time hit the mine?

Thank you very much

 on: 10 November 2020 12:28:44 pm 
Started by wharnie - Last Post by wharnie
Help needed please. I am trying to research my father who served on LC 1215. Charles Edwin Dyson born 1912. His number - RX 162689. I have some photos and documents but need to put them in context. For example, I do not understand why they  were "touring the Med". I cannot see a deal of information on this site unless I haven't found it yet. What happened to the Landing Craft Association archives?
mike Dyson

 on: 09 November 2020 03:33:20 pm 
Started by DestinationUnknown - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Sounds like your mother was in the Civil Service ?  Otherwise she would have been in uniform.

Either as a teleprinter operator or perhaps as a Cipher Clerk.    See this link :

and the cipher machine in use then was the Typex:

 on: 09 November 2020 10:52:52 am 
Started by DestinationUnknown - Last Post by DestinationUnknown
Perhaps you can point me in the right direction - apologies if this is not the correct forum to post in, but I was not sure what this would come under!

My late mother worked at the Admiralty Citadel building during WW2. Her name was Amelia Sangster. She would not say much about what she did apart from the fact that it was well underground, secret and she used a machine "like a teleprinter but with a different keyboard". She wore no uniform and had no official rank. I want to find out what she did. I cannot find any records through 'normal' search avenues, and having contacted the RN Archives, I was told to try this forum. My mother has since passed away, and took her signing the official secrets act very seriously when she was alive, so would not tell us anything.

If anyone could help me/knows where I should look for information I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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