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Title: Motor torpedo boat 730
Post by: Mickhud on 29 March 2015 11:27:00 am
Hi I am new to this site have been on other sites for info on my late dads boats mtb730 & Hms lysander j379 dad never spoke about what he did etc , only told mum he was at d day & would leave grt Yarmouth early hours off the coast of Holland do what they had to do & come home, have found info where 730 was built etc but no operations etc we have his service number & record we have bought books on mtb , some sites we have been on leave 730 out , any info would be great to pass on to mum & rest of family one site said some information has not been released for public viewing as yet we have some photos ie v e day with mtb lined up & a print of 730 . No information or photos of the ships commanders etc . It just seems with all the trying it seems very secretive.???????