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 on: 05 April 2018 09:41:49 PM 
Started by Laurie Hartley - Last Post by James_harvey
His port division should be LT/******* followed by his seaman branch letter either J K L M etc then his number

 on: 31 March 2018 09:43:10 PM 
Started by James_harvey - Last Post by James_harvey
Hi All,

My grandfather served in Boom Defence.

Joined up 30 November 1940, port division Rosyth (Rooke) Official number R/JX 230549.


HMS Pembroke 30/11/40-9/12/05 as OD.
HMS Wildfire (B.D.) 10/12/40-7/3/41
HMS Rooke 8/3/41-2/9/41
HMS Lanka (Port T) 3/9/41-30/11/41
HMS Lanka (Port T) 1/12/41-25/1/42 as AB
HMS Haitan (Barmill) 26/1/42-31/3/42
HMS Lanka (Barmill) 1/4/42-30/9/42
HMS Lanka 1/10/42-14/1/43
HMS Lanka (Barmill)15/1/43-30/6/43
HMS Highflyer (Barmill)1/7/43-21/4/44
HMS Lanka 22/4/44-22/4/44
HMS Kirriemoor 23/4/44-19/9/44
HMS Rooke 20/9/44-17/11/44
HMS Wildfire (Thames B.D.) 18/11/44-24/1/46.

Qualified for 39-45 star and Burma star on hms barmill a bar class boom defence vessel, qualified for France and Germany star on hms kirriemoor as went to seine bay in July 44

I applied for his defence medal as spent 7 months in Ceylon and port T and then 12 months in uk, the mod agreed that he had qualified after I provided proof that Ceylon qualified under the 6 months rule. So had more than 6 months qualifying time under that rule and 1/3 under uk 3 yr rule, have applied for Atlantic clasp as spent 6 months in Atlantic whilst qualifying for 39-45 star and then another 5 months on kirriemoor in the Atlantic. It depends on whether they feel inclined to issue as his original medal card is marked Atlantic?



 on: 31 March 2018 08:17:38 PM 
Started by jonesthecurry - Last Post by James_harvey
My grandfather served hms Haitian

 on: 31 March 2018 03:44:43 PM 
Started by James_harvey - Last Post by James_harvey
Medals of stoker petty officer Evans

Including his newly issued arctic star

 on: 31 March 2018 08:23:35 AM 
Started by James_harvey - Last Post by James_harvey
Looking for information or photos of hms barmill

 on: 30 March 2018 04:41:32 PM 
Started by TPalmer - Last Post by James_harvey
His medals are 39-45 star Burma star with Pacific clasp and war medal a very nice group

 on: 30 March 2018 04:33:26 PM 
Started by Yettoner - Last Post by James_harvey
I would apply for his arctic star

YOU will need the form on the mod medal claim site.

I would also apply for his Malta GC 50th anniversary medal



 on: 17 March 2018 09:09:35 AM 
Started by Kc - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

This site has a lot of info and guidance:

 on: 17 March 2018 09:05:33 AM 
Started by Kc - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
There were lots of Boys Training Ships established at various ports around the country, to deal with Orphans Waifs and Strays and those from the Workhouse or Juvenile Offenders.  They were usually old sailing warships, but were not run by the Navy, but usually by Charities.

If your ancestor was a Juvenile offender, he was probably sent to a Reformatory Ship - which one would depend where in the country he was.

For some background, see:

He would not necessarily have gone on to join the Navy. 

 on: 16 March 2018 04:50:17 PM 
Started by Kc - Last Post by Kc
Can anyone please point me in the direction of where records are kept concerninng children that were sent to Navy training from the Workhouse? My Grandad was born in 1905, after getting into trouble for stealing bread he was sent to a Naval Ship to be educated and trained. I don't know the year, name of ship.... Well if I'm honest, I don't know anything. I do know it was an old style ship with masts and sails. Please help if you can  :-\

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