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 on: Today at 08:42:24 AM 
Started by tom grant - Last Post by tom grant
 I started collecting ships badges and many times came across a badge with the ships name and slight differences, and found they were  badges used by sea cadets units, so I started collecting the sea cadet badges and I now have a large collection of these badges,  so through collecting these sea cadet unit badges I have eliminated being confused as to badges with the same ships name being unofficial ships badges , these sea cadet badges do not all have TS in front of their name so can easily be mistaken for badges associated with the ship of that name,  any members who have been misled by seeing badges that don't confirm I will be only to happy to advise


 on: Yesterday at 06:51:39 PM 
Started by tom grant - Last Post by Arthur
Good evening Tom,

Thank you for sharing the badge with us, and like yourself I haven't come across the badge either!


 on: 15 October 2018 09:40:00 AM 
Started by tom grant - Last Post by tom grant
 I have received an unofficial badge of the Hospital Ship
Maine( from Ed ,living in Vancouver Canada) I knew about this ship but the first time I have seen the badge, ( saved from the rubbish bin, ) perhaps there are other members who have an interest in unofficial badge , I will pass this badge of HMHS Maine to the Haslar heritage staff that I have contacts with,

 on: 14 October 2018 06:44:14 PM 
Started by Cheekee - Last Post by tom grant
  Not sure what rig they are wearing ,when I was at Ganges white fronts went with white hats, it looks like Sunday division, so possible around October and surge jumpers would have been possible the next step to black caps, they still issued cap boxes and both colour hats when I joined in -1954

 on: 12 October 2018 02:42:25 PM 
Started by daisy1942 - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Details of DAISY may be found in Lloyds Register of Shipping =
Tonnage: 163   Dimensions:  100.3ft x 22.1ft
Built: 1938 at Hong Kong for W. Hammer & Co, Singapore
Fitted as a Water Tanker;  one deck; engines aft; 5-cylinder Crossley Bros. diesel engine
The Daisy was evidently used by Singapore Harbour Board. 
The escape from Singapore was somewhat chaotic and vessels were taken over with little official paperwork – and what there was would not have survived.  Any and all vessels in Singapore harbour were used for the evacuation.

In answer to your specific questions:

1: No. She was probably taken over on or about the 12 February, solely for the use of the evacuation

2: She would have been crewed with anyone that was available - crew lists simply do not exist.  After the war, there were various attempts to try and compile lists of who went on what vessel, but these are often contradictory. 

3: It may have started with people being authorised, but by 13/14 Feb, everyone was told to get out by whatever means they could

4.  What records there are are all now in the National Archives at Kew.

I can say from my brief notes I have Daisy – water boat, left S’pore 13 Feb with Yin Ping; Mr Walmsley

An account of the escape of DAISY may be found here:

There is mention of her in the account of the escape of Lt Mann from Singapore:

Also features in the sinking of the Yin Ping:

 on: 12 October 2018 02:01:55 PM 
Started by Arthur - Last Post by Arthur

Thank you very much for the answer to my query. I had made a reference to the Shakespearean character but I couldn’t find the connection of the badge to the name!

Thanks again.


 on: 12 October 2018 01:29:27 PM 
Started by Arthur - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Florizel - character in Shakespeares' "A Winters Tale"

Badge - a pun on the name,  In Heraldry a Cross Flory (or Fleury) is a cross with fleur-de-lys at the ends


[source of info: Admiralty Badges Encyclopedia by Jonty Sexton and Admiralty Ships Badges by T P Stopford]

 on: 12 October 2018 08:59:03 AM 
Started by Arthur - Last Post by Arthur

I am a new member to the Forum and I am interested in all subjects relating to the ship’s badges.

For sometime now I have been trying to find out what the link is between the name of the ship and it’s badge! Do any member have any ideas what the connection is?


 on: 11 October 2018 02:58:46 PM 
Started by Laurie Hartley - Last Post by tom grant
Greetings ,
  All the information you seek will be kept in the museum at Lowestoft, called sparrows nest, I spent a very nice day there, and the staff were very helpful, good luck in your research,
Regards Tom

 on: 11 October 2018 09:35:24 AM 
Started by spooks1959 - Last Post by tom grant
 As I am a new member of this forum, I would like to introduce myself, I have a vast collection of ships badges , RN. and Commonwealth, and I enjoy looking at unofficial badges and trying to get into the mindset of the person who designed the unofficial badge, so I am aware of the Snail badge  posted but would if possible like to see more enquiries about unofficial badges,
Thanks Tom

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