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Title: Mementos from scrapped RN warships
Post by: _George_ on 17 June 2021 06:29:45 pm
Hello folks,
I always had an interest in naval history, especially from the second world war,
something I share with my father with whom I spend a lot of time looking up
interesting battles ships and other events, along with even making some small
scale wooden warships from scratch. Combining these two hobbies I would love
to get him one of those wooden mementos for his birthday from the teak of his favorite warship,
the Grand Old Lady HMS Warspite. I am quite worried though as everything I have
managed to find online seems to have no provenance to go with it, something which
for this kind of item is key. So I wanted to ask if there are any telltale signs to look for
and if these were ever faked, like many other pieces of war memorabilia.
I would really appreciate any help or advice I can get on the matter, thank you all for your
time and have a wonderful day!
(Also if anyone has in his possession one of the said item and is willing to sell it,
please contact me by mail)