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Title: Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard Kilindini
Post by: spooks1959 on 08 February 2014 01:03:32 pm
Does anyone know the location of the R.N.A.R.Y. at Kilindini?

Commissioned as H.M.S. Kipanga 01 June 1942 as an RN Air Station, Air Repair YArd and FAA depot. Responsible for other FAA bases in E.Africa, Voi. Mackinnon Road, Port Rietz.

Port Rietz is still open as an airport but only two other sirtfields show up on Google earth - Bamburi Airport to the north and Ukunda Airstrip to the south, neither seem to have the size to have been an R.N.A.R.Y.

My copy of  CB 4368 B. Admiralty Handbook of Naval Air Stations Aug. 45 has no mention of the station, not even as a station on Care & Maintenance. Anyone know where this was?