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Service Records/Medals and Awards / Re: service records shore bases 1941-43
« Last Post by rickles23 on 17 February 2017 09:04:22 AM »

Are there any other names of places mentioned?

Royal Navy / Re: Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074 - Ship Name
« Last Post by TPalmer on 12 February 2017 12:49:03 AM »
Ok thanks Tony.

If I can find anything, I'll let you and the forum know.

Thanks for your assistance.

Tim Palmer
Royal Navy / Re: Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074 - Ship Name
« Last Post by spooks1959 on 10 February 2017 10:34:51 AM »
Hi Tim,

As far as I Know crew lists for the majority of RN vessels do not exist . The only lists I have encountered have been printed in commissioning books and independent publications commissioned by a ship's crew.

The assumption that crew lists do not exist is supported by the fact that if a person requests a summary of a service record from the Ministry of Defence the data they compile is drawn solely from pay and victualling records - held by the accounting bases such as COPRA, this is the only name recorded.

If you do come across a source for landing craft crews please share it with the Forum. Good luck.

Royal Navy / Re: Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074 - Ship Name
« Last Post by TPalmer on 07 February 2017 11:40:13 PM »
Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for that and going to the trouble of indicating the roles and locations of the other 'ships'. So the 'ships' as much indicate which administrative unit they were assigned to.  I suppose a large vessel would be its own accounting unit. I did some research on COPRA and there may be some avenues to pursue as they would have recorded which landing craft(s) he was assigned to. See: Do have any suggestions who might have these records? MOD? Public Records? Any contacts you know of?

Again, thanks.

Tim Palmer
Royal Navy / Re: Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074 - Ship Name
« Last Post by spooks1959 on 07 February 2017 02:52:50 PM »
Hi Tim

The ship name is COPRA. The physical location of COPRA was at Largs in Scotland but only a small staff actually operated there, they held and managed the pay and victualling accounts for small vessels, including all landing craft, worldwide.  Sadly there is no notation to indicate which landing craft your father served on so, unless you have some other way to pinpoint which landing craft we may never know,

Looking at the Service Certificate we have:
ROYAL ARTHUR new entry and basic training establishment at Skegness.
CABOT - Training Establishment in Bristol (possibly Stocker/mechanic training).
DRAKE RN Barracks, Plymouth - awaiting draft.
QUEBEC Training Establishment at Inveraray.
COPRA Accounting Base for small vessels including Landing Craft.
DRAKE RN Barracks, Plymouth. Awaiting Discharge.

Royal Navy / Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074 - Ship Name
« Last Post by TPalmer on 06 February 2017 11:00:51 AM »
Hi All,

My father's name is Alfred Samuel Palmer, service number KX140074. I have a copy of his Certificate of Service but I am unable to decipher the name of the ship in the third last entry in the first attachment.

The record shows that he spend most of his service life (1 Sep 43 to 30 Apr 46) on this ship. The second attachment shows provisional award of the Burma Star and Rosette, so I am assuming this is a ship deployed to the Burma Campaign. I understand that he worked on landing craft for some of the time during the Burma Campaign as well as one of the aircraft carriers in the BPF such as HMS Illustrious. I know he came to Australia in 1945-6.

I would appreciate if anyone can advise what ship this is.  To me, it reads as 'Lespru' but I have not been able to find any reference to such a ship.

Tim Palmer
Melbourne Australia
Royal Navy / Boy 2d Class 28 Dec 1859 HMS Victory
« Last Post by patgraves on 24 January 2017 04:04:42 PM »
I have the three page records of Frederick John Massey, born 14 Jan 1845 at Newcastle.  Assigned to HMS Victory, then apparently to HMS Trafalgar.
HMS Victory appears to have been a training ship at the time. Correct?  How long would he have spent there?
His volunteer period was the standard 10 years from age 18.  However, he did not serve full term.  He went to the US in the late 1860s.  Any way to get more info on why he didn't serve full term and the date he left the service and why?
Can I find out what the Trafalgar did and where it went during his service?
I will send his records if needed or they can be found on line. 

Thank you
Members Mystery Photos / Unidentified Royal Navy logo.
« Last Post by Jamogiant1 on 24 January 2017 12:04:09 AM »
Hi everyone, can anyone identify the attachment. I picked up this (very heavy!) cast iron item at a recent garage sale. A thorough search of the internet has brought up no clues. As you can see it contains a crown with a reversed anchor below with an amphisbaena or two headed snake winding around it. There are no other markings regarding manufacture or date anywhere on the item. Can any of you provide me with any info at all to help me identify and find out the history of this item?
Photo requests / Male Maldive Islands
« Last Post by canisbaymey on 12 January 2017 01:01:11 AM »
Does anyone know where there are photos of Male, Maldive Islands in the 1950s when personnel of the Royal Navy were based on the island of Gan?  I believe some of the personnel visited Male during their deployment.

New Zealand
Royal Navy / Researching HMS Clematis K36 and Dads Career.
« Last Post by Conny on 06 January 2017 10:20:09 PM »
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and hope someone can help with either information or directions where I may gain some insight to my Dads career aboard K36, HMS Clematis, during WWII.
Briefly, my Dad was a stoker aboard HMS Clematis during the years 1941-1945 She was a flower class corvette and during this period she was on active escort duty in the North Atlantic to Canada and America. I have a very large spreadsheet that shows all the convoys she sailed with during this time, including the other escort vessels, but there is a gap which I am trying to fill. My records show she sailed from New York with convoy HX213 on 26/10/1942 arriving in Liverpool on 10/11/1942 Her next sailing was from Halifax, (I presume Nova Scotia), with convoy SC123 on 14/03/1943 arriving in Liverpool on 03/04/1943
How can I find where she was during this period? I realise she may have been in for a re-fit of some description but Dads service record does not show him as being posted anywhere else. Sadly I can't ask him as he passed away about 12 years ago, also when he was alive he never spoke about his experiences during this time. Everything I know has been gleaned from the one bit of information he gave which was the name of his ship.
I have also looked at some of the other escort vessels to see if Clematis sailed with them in other convoys to no avail.
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