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Photo requests / Re: Male Maldive Islands
« Last Post by humpvic on Yesterday at 12:16:47 PM »
I was on board HMS Renown when we pulled into the Maldives in 1944 on our way to SA for maintenance we only stayed for a day then on again no shore leave, nice place what we could see .Victor Humphries Ex WW2 royal navy
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Royal Navy / Re: commanding officer H16 early 1934
« Last Post by barbierd on 05 April 2017 10:35:20 AM »
Many thanks  :)
Royal Navy / Re: commanding officer H16 early 1934
« Last Post by PhiloNauticus on 05 April 2017 10:29:27 AM »

Commander Thomas Balfour Fellowes commanded HMS Daring from December 1932 until April 1934 ... so it must be him
Royal Navy / commanding officer H16 early 1934
« Last Post by barbierd on 05 April 2017 08:27:40 AM »
Hello. I have a series of pictures taken in Sfax (Tunisia) when H16 (HMS Daring) made a stop 10th january 1934. On these pictures we can see my grandfather colonel Bougrain (commanding the Spahis regiment in Sfax), and the commanding officer of the H16 (I don't know who he is).  Attached a picture of the 2. From what I can read, Lord Louis Mountbatten assumed command on 29th april 1934. So can someone tell me who was his predecessor ? Thanks for your help.
General photograph sharing board / Re: WW1 Armored Car Squadrons
« Last Post by PhiloNauticus on 03 April 2017 11:36:07 AM »
The uniform doesn't help I'm afraid. It is possible he was R.N. - see:

If he was RN, then search the archives to find his Service Record:

General photograph sharing board / WW1 Armored Car Squadrons
« Last Post by Jan Glass on 03 April 2017 03:40:47 AM »
Hi, I have found some interesting photos that seem to show me that my husband's great grandfather may have served in Gallipoli with an armored car squadron. This man is a mystery to the entire family so I am hoping someone can identify the squadron or his uniform and tell me where I can go looking for more information on him. Without knowing how and where he served I can't find out any more. I do know that he ended up as the chauffeur for the Admiral of the Fleet, Earl Beatty. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank you Jan Glass
Royal Marines / HMS BRUNE
« Last Post by SALIOU on 01 April 2017 01:29:23 PM »
One of my ancestors, Jean Pierre le Bechec, from Brittany, France was a member of the ship’s crew of the frigate La Brune captured in 1762 by frigates HMS Venus and HMS Juno, and later renamed HMS Brune. I am looking for the log book of the ship, which may have been kept in the UK, and to learn what happened to the crew, but with no success in French naval archives; would there be any information in UK archives?

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I have sent a private message with e-mail address;  I can send you a copy of the article

Thank you very much for this information! My goodness, I cannot imagine how you found it but I am really grateful. I am trying to find that Daily Mirror article online. If you let me have your full details I will thank you in the acknowledgements ... I need to think about how to reword my footnote based on this information ...
Thank you again!!!
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