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Title: Scapa Flow
Post by: FredMcGavran on 20 October 2012 12:46:45 am
How were men and supplies transported to Scapa Flow during World War II? Was there a train ferry from Scotland? Where did it depart and where did it land? Did railroad tracks run right down to the ships at the docks? If not, were the trains unloaded at a particular place? In 1941, between which islands did Royal Navy ships pass as they entered and left Scapa Flow?
Title: Re: Scapa Flow
Post by: JMB on 01 November 2014 06:00:09 pm
There were special trains from the South coast ports to Thurso carrying servicemen, these were called Jellicoe Specials (

There are lots of stories of long unpleasant journeys.

There were then transit camps ( (and camp ( Thurso / Scrabster where they would wait for a ship to Scapa Flow.

I presume the ships went to Lyness for sailors but there were also many army and air force people on Orkney who might have been taken to other places.