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Title: HMS Ganges...
Post by: Cavair on 17 September 2014 11:44:53 pm
I have been researching some names in the 1911 census of future casualties from HMS Black Prince at Jutland,  and one was listed in a large number of "Boys under training" at an Establishment in Tattingstone Parish, Samford, Suffolk.   
Is this the same as HMS Ganges at Shotley as Tattingstone seems a distance from Shotley?
There are pages and pages in the census so how many boys would probably have been there at any one time?

While the transcription gives the place names, there seems to be no mention on the actual census pages of which Shore establishment or ship,  other than "Ships at sea or in Ports abroad" etc and it takes forever to scroll forward and back through the pages. Does the census actually mention the names of ships or establishments??

Thanks for any tips!
Title: Re: HMS Ganges...
Post by: NavySparker on 10 January 2018 04:44:32 pm
Here is the crew list for HMS Black Prince at the Battle of Jutland.