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Title: HMS Cook 1945
Post by: John Swap on 07 January 2015 05:14:55 pm
I am trying to identify the location of my Father's final FAA posting in the UK in1945.
David Nathan Swap came over from New Zealand in 1940 to join the Fleet Air Arm (as a waiting list to join Air Force in the NZ).
He started at St Vincent as Naval Airman 2nd Class on 18.12.1940. After basic ‘bell-bottom’ training followed by initial flying at 24 EFTS at Luton and SFTS at Kingston (Canada) he served at various Scottish RNAS stations (Swordfish/Albacore/Barracuda pilot) as well as North Africa and Malta before ending war back in UK.
His last UK service is listed as HMS Cook  as Lieutenant (P) on 01.10.1945 - posted from HMS Owl. (this could be misspelt and actually HMS Cock as I only have an old typed copy of his service record from RNZNVR archives)
He returned to NZ around end of November 1945 - being discharged from HMS Philomel (Devonport/Auckland) on 17.05.1946.
I cannot locate where HMS Cook (Cock) is/was.
Any help gratefully appreciated.
Title: Re: HMS Cook 1945
Post by: spooks1959 on 02 February 2015 12:14:20 pm
Hi John,

HMNZS COOK was an RNZN depot at Clyde Quay, Wellington, and training establishment at Shelly Bay, Wellington, NZ. Commissioned 01.01.1943 and paid off 18.06.46.

Although there is nothing to support this, my assumption is that your father was transferred to the accounts of HMNZS COOK while awaiting his discharge in New Zealand. They would be responsible for his pay account and matters relating to naval discipline but he would have had no duties relating to the establishment. Likewise for HMNZS Philomel, also an RNZN depot at Devonport, Auckland.