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Title: HMS Triumph - Colossus Class aircraft carrier
Post by: jjrc1991 on 24 May 2015 12:22:39 pm

Just joined the forum on behalf of my better half whose father served aboard the Colossus Class Carrier, HMS Triumph during the early to mid 1950's. Sadly he passed away a couple of years back and, of course, the questions you wished you'd asked him don't become apparent until it's too late to ask.

We recently purchased a book about the Colossus Class carriers, two chapters of which were concerned with the Triumph. Within one of those chapters was a whole ships company photograph. we assume, given the fact that it was taken just after returning from service off the coast of Korea when we know my father-in-law was on board, that he will be on the photograph.

I'm hoping that someone on the forum may have, or may know someone who may have a copy of the photograph or indeed any other crew photographs from this ship from the period 1950 - 1955?

Here's hoping

Kind regards

Jeff Clements