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Title: HMS Dainty H53 Photo date?
Post by: IAN OLIVER on 21 June 2015 06:47:57 pm
Hello,I would be grateful if anyone could help in dating this photograph taken onboard HMS Dainty during WW2.I believe the image shows Commander Mervyn Somerset Thomas in the centre who commanded the destroyer between 6th Feb. 1940 and 24th Feb. 1941- when she was sunk off Tobruk.My mother believes it's possible my grandfather is in the picture(front row,second from right).He was Chief Engineroom Artificer Frederick Hyde who joined the ship in August 1940 and was onboard when she sank.He was one of the survivors and was awarded the DSM.Any help in dating the photo would be greatly appreciated,or could anyone point me in any direction for help.I presume it is an official Naval photograph and shows the ship alongside other ships of her class,and taken somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea where she was operating.
Title: Re: HMS Dainty H53 Photo date?
Post by: Ekrabappel on 29 January 2019 08:26:54 am
Long shot but might be best identifying the harbour from the hills in the back ground. If you can obtain the ships logs then it will have the dates when at that harbour. A long process though.