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Title: Research Help
Post by: Liam1980 on 06 October 2015 08:27:12 PM
I have recently been given a list of my late Granddads Royal Navy Records. My knowledge is limited as he passed away before I was born. His name was Geoffrey White and volunteered on the 8.5.42 and this went into commencement on the 22.6.42. The list I have are the ships he worked on, again it's a copy so some names are hard to decipher. But the name Europa crops up a few times and he also worked on the motorised minesweepers, mainly MMS66 and MMS86. Throughout this time his substantive rating started as Air Mech 2cl (2nd class??) and then moved on to Stoker until his discharge in 1946 (Released in Class A). His Port Division Official No was KX156467 if this helps.

Thanks in anticipation

Liam White
Title: Re: Research Help
Post by: PhiloNauticus on 07 October 2015 12:18:16 PM
If you could post up an image of his service record, then I am sure that someone will be able to decipher them

Europa - the shore base at Lowestoft, HQ of the Patrol Service

MMS.66 was part of the 119th Minesweeping Flotilla was based at Portsmouth/ also served in the Normandy Invasion Minesweeping Flotilla

MMS.86 was part of the 104th M/S Flotilla, which worked in the Nore (Thames Estuary)
Title: Re: Research Help
Post by: Liam1980 on 08 October 2015 02:18:41 PM
Thank you so much. I am in the process of getting an image of his service records. Hopefully this will shed more light on things. Unfortunately his medals were stolen after my Grandma's death and could be anywhere by now. I've asked my Dad if he can remember what they were. 'Two Silver and a bronze' is the response I got.

Much appreciated

Liam White
Title: Re: Research Help
Post by: James_harvey on 01 June 2018 09:36:50 PM

Write to mod medal office

They will confirm what Medals were awarded

You will easily be able to replace them as ww2 Medals were issued unnamed and original medals with the exception of a couple are cheaper than copies regards