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Title: 801 and 263 Flotillas
Post by: Paul Skidmore on 14 February 2016 11:13:01 am
Am trying to put some meat on the bone of my late father's time during WW2 whilst serving as a Stoker 1st Class. Navy Command have provided his service history from 14.12.1942 to 16.09.1946 but this only provides basic info. of dates and postings to various shore establishments and LCI's.
His first posting after initial training at HMS Duke; Sultan; Northney and Helder was to 801 Flotilla from 01.07.1943 to 10.03.1944. From info on the web this Flotilla would seem to have been based in Newhaven and were LCVP for RM Commando training. Any further info for this period would be appreciated i.e was it operational during the time my dad was posted there.
From 11.03.1944 he was posted to HMS Copra and after a period at HMS Haig he joined LCI (L) 300 from 01.05.1944 to 25.05.1944 and then on to HMS Newt in Newhaven. Just prior to the Normandy landings he was on LCI (L) 169 from 01.06.1944 to 03.06.1944 - presumably to move this into station readiness. From 04.06.1944 to 15.07.1944 he appeared to be shore based on HMS Newt before joining LCI (L) 379 and subsequently various other LCI's which formed 263 Flotilla for varying lengths of time. Am assuming that his time on these LCI's would be logistical to support the initial landings etc but have no info to support this. Would appreciate any further information on this and for the period from 15.07.1944 through to 08.05.1945. I have details of the pennant numbers of the LCI's and dates that he served on them if of help.     
Title: Re: 801 and 263 Flotillas
Post by: Paul Skidmore on 13 May 2016 03:51:47 pm
Further information provided in respect of 801 Flotilla.
801 initially formed at Richborough - HMS Robertson under Dover Command. This was a holding base for Royal Marine Landing Craft Personnel. In October 1943 moved to Newhaven - 801 Build Up Flotilla. Stationed HMS Newt under Portsmouth Command remaining there until April 1944 moving to HMS Northney Hayling Island. The Flotilla consisted of 16 LCV(P).
801 were an operational unit but not used on operations until D-Day eventually crossing the Channel and worked Juno Beach mainly to ferry supplies and general workhorses from the larger ships offshore.
However, prior to these operations dad had moved on to HMS Copra in March 1944.
Look forward to hearing further if anyone can add more information...