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Title: Royal Marines service records circa 1850
Post by: Researcher on 17 July 2016 06:16:54 am
I am researching my family history and have found that two of my ancestors served in the Royal Marines at Plymouth.

My great great grandfather, John Symon's, married Elizabeth White in October 1851 he was a private in the RM's and gave his address as HMS St George.  According to the marriage certificate, George White, the father of Elizabeth was also a private in the RM's.
I am struggling to find details of the muster list of HMS St George as well as a list of RM's who would have been garrisoned at Plymouth in the period from 1840 to 1875.
I have tried the National Archives but I found the ADM's to be a bit difficult to understand.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions or assistance.  I don't think I am the first person looking for details of members of the Royal Marines in that era so I am at a loss as to why it is so difficult to find a simple list of Royal Marines giving their number, name, rank and posting.

Any help will be appreciated.