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Title: Boy 2d Class 28 Dec 1859 HMS Victory
Post by: patgraves on 24 January 2017 03:04:42 PM
I have the three page records of Frederick John Massey, born 14 Jan 1845 at Newcastle.  Assigned to HMS Victory, then apparently to HMS Trafalgar.
HMS Victory appears to have been a training ship at the time. Correct?  How long would he have spent there?
His volunteer period was the standard 10 years from age 18.  However, he did not serve full term.  He went to the US in the late 1860s.  Any way to get more info on why he didn't serve full term and the date he left the service and why?
Can I find out what the Trafalgar did and where it went during his service?
I will send his records if needed or they can be found on line. 

Thank you