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Title: Navy in the RAF
Post by: MAH091 on 14 September 2017 03:39:05 PM
I am trying to find out if the information I have is correct or not.  I am researching RAF Aircrew members who died in Service whilst serving on 85 Squadron RAF and 157 Squadron RAF based at RAF Swannington in Norfolk, UK  However, I have come across a report of 2 Naval Officers who were reportedly killed in action whilst flying with 157 Squadron RAF.  I don't know the details of how they died only that they crashed near Friningham Manor in Kent, on the 6th August 1944.  Their names being (Pilot) Lieutenant (A) Peter Francis Pryor, Age 28, RNVR HMS Daedalus and (Observer) Sub-Lieutenant Douglas MacKenzie, Age 22, RNVR HMS Daedalus. Both Died of their wounds the following day.
There is to be a Remembrance Service to take place on Saturday 11th November at St Peter's Church, Haveringland, Norfolk, in memory of those aircrew members who were killed whilst based at RAF Swannington on the above Squadrons during WW2.  If anyone can concur that these two Naval Officers were indeed attached to 157 Squadron RAF when they died, I will ensure that their names are included in the memorial and that a wreath will be laid in their memory on that day.
Title: Re: Navy in the RAF
Post by: PhiloNauticus on 15 September 2017 06:50:37 PM

Apparently they were serving with 157 Squadron.  The Navy List shows them with the naval air station at Lee on Solent (HMS Daedalus), but the authoritative Naval History site has Pryor (pilot) and MacKenzie (observer) were killed in a flying accident on 7 August 1944, whilst flying a Mosquito serving with 157 Squadron RAF

The National Archives file ref is: ADM 358/2369 :
Temporary Sub-Lieutenant D MacKenzie, RNVR and Lieutenant (A) P J Pryor, RNVR: report of deaths in an aircraft accident

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Title: Re: Navy in the RAF
Post by: MAH091 on 23 September 2017 08:54:58 AM
Thanks for the confirmation on this.  I'm a Light Blue Job organising this Remembrance Service in the memory of those RAF aircrews, who were Killed in Action flying from RAF Swannington in WW2.  However, I will make sure that these two Navy Boys will be remembered by name at the Service in November.  I will research a bit deeper to find out what happened to them. Many Thanks PhioNauticus