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Title: A/B C F Harvey RN Boom defence
Post by: James_harvey on 31 March 2018 10:43:10 pm
Hi All,

My grandfather served in Boom Defence.

Joined up 30 November 1940, port division Rosyth (Rooke) Official number R/JX 230549.


HMS Pembroke 30/11/40-9/12/05 as OD.
HMS Wildfire (B.D.) 10/12/40-7/3/41
HMS Rooke 8/3/41-2/9/41
HMS Lanka (Port T) 3/9/41-30/11/41
HMS Lanka (Port T) 1/12/41-25/1/42 as AB
HMS Haitan (Barmill) 26/1/42-31/3/42
HMS Lanka (Barmill) 1/4/42-30/9/42
HMS Lanka 1/10/42-14/1/43
HMS Lanka (Barmill)15/1/43-30/6/43
HMS Highflyer (Barmill)1/7/43-21/4/44
HMS Lanka 22/4/44-22/4/44
HMS Kirriemoor 23/4/44-19/9/44
HMS Rooke 20/9/44-17/11/44
HMS Wildfire (Thames B.D.) 18/11/44-24/1/46.

Qualified for 39-45 star and Burma star on hms barmill a bar class boom defence vessel, qualified for France and Germany star on hms kirriemoor as went to seine bay in July 44

I applied for his defence medal as spent 7 months in Ceylon and port T and then 12 months in uk, the mod agreed that he had qualified after I provided proof that Ceylon qualified under the 6 months rule. So had more than 6 months qualifying time under that rule and 1/3 under uk 3 yr rule, have applied for Atlantic clasp as spent 6 months in Atlantic whilst qualifying for 39-45 star and then another 5 months on kirriemoor in the Atlantic. It depends on whether they feel inclined to issue as his original medal card is marked Atlantic?


Title: Re: A/B C F Harvey RN Boom defence
Post by: James_harvey on 03 June 2018 01:46:42 pm
Have just found a document that states Addu Atoll qualifies for Pacific Star

My gf was there on port t and Haitian so have applied for it