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Title: RNAS - RANAS Emblem
Post by: Nirpro1 on 10 September 2018 03:28:38 pm
I have acquired a Thornycroft Nubian 4 x 4 airfield crash tender that was used at HMAS NIRIMBA (RANAS Schofields, NSW, Australia). The RAN Fleet Air Arm Museum was able to supply an image of the unit however, an ex Navy member supplied a photograph taken in 1957 that showed particular signwriting on the tank. It had HMAS NIRIMBA, below it a set of wings (more like the wings from the "Angel of the North") and RANAS under that, with Schofields under that. The contact from the RAN museum suggested that the naval wings were "stylised" and did not accurately depict the naval aviation wings.
Now, I can only assume that those who did the signwriting copied the design from somewhere and it may be that this was a Royal Navy Air Station.
Is/was there an accepted emblem for Royal Navy Air Stations that matched the description in any way?