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Title: HMS LCI(L)-99
Post by: Jamax on 16 December 2018 09:45:35 am
Hi all

My uncle was serving aboard this vessel and was lost on 14/8/1944. John Shields.

Memories I have from family are that she was lost in the Bay of Biscay. I have rcently found through some great sites and this forum that she was actually lost near Harland Point on a Convoy EBC-72.

Looks like our story got mixed up and the U-Boat U-667 that sunk her was lost in the Bay of Biscay.

He served in the Italy campaign and I have an Italy Star medal for him. I would like to find out more about his time in the Navy aboard 99 Where can I find out the operations, flotillas and convoys that he served on?

If anyone has a photograph of 99 would it be possible to send me a copy, the family are digging through attics trying to find some for me.

Best Regards
Alex Shields
Title: Re: HMS LCI(L)-99
Post by: Jamax on 17 October 2019 05:41:02 pm
Hi all

Recently came across this blog from Mike Botula in the US whose father was aboard LST920 and recounts the final moments of LCI(L)-99 when 920 and 921 were under attack from U-667. Finally after 75 years we know how it ended.

It was either brave act to save the crew and cargo of 920 or she went to the wrong place at the wrong time. As a family we hope it was the former. RIP brave men of LCI(L)-99.

Alex Shields