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Title: New to the Forum & landlubber to boot
Post by: ojd on 21 June 2019 02:49:31 pm
Dear All,

Thank you for allowing me onboard.  I thought it right to say a quick hello, and give you all a fair chance to chuck this landlubber overboard, before I post anything!

I have not served in the Navy - I served HM the Queen wearing green (ahem) - but long retired and now living in the beautiful Quantock Hills of Somerset (from where I can at least see the sea).  I have developed an interest in WW1 (mainly) but also WW2 British Royal Navy, R.N.V.R. and Mercantile Marine ships, people and activity.  I particularly like 'off the beaten' track events or less well known (to the general public) areas of naval life and activity.

I can see your eyes glazing over now, so will stop.

Thanks, in advance, for being gentle with me,