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Title: Motor Torpedo Boats
Post by: ASCALON on 11 May 2020 01:01:10 pm
I was recently fortunate enough to inherit a beautiful scale model of a Royal Navy MTB.   Itís about a foot long and in a display case.   There is a family connection with WW2 boats of this kind.
It displays no identifying name or numbers, but does fly the White Ensign as well as a two pennant signal.   These pennants are a square blue sign set in on a square white flag, and a Red Cross set upon a white triangular pennant. It is armed with four torpedo tubes ; upon the aft tubes are mounted two Lewis guns, whereas the forward tubes have one machine gun or cannon with spade grips mounted on each.  These weapons are dissimilar, the starboard gun is possibly a cannon ; it looks to be of a heavier calibre.
In front of the cabin is a circular raised well holding a pair of 40 mm guns behind a small shield.
Also, on the after deck are a tandem, offset pair of ventilation tubes of the traditional curved hooded type.   There are also a smaller pair of these tubes side by side on the forward deck. She has a bone in her teeth, riding high up on her plane on a rough sea.
I have Googled her type but cannot find any pics of an identical type, so wonder if she is post war ?
Anyone got any ideas as to her type ?      Cheers,
Title: Re: Motor Torpedo Boats
Post by: PhiloNauticus on 11 May 2020 02:20:41 pm

Very difficult to identify without seeing it Ö. can you post a picture ?