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 on: 20 March 2020 08:22:35 pm 
Started by derekb - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Le Capitaine de Fregate = his rank
de Garneau or de Gameau = surname

 on: 20 March 2020 03:30:35 pm 
Started by derekb - Last Post by derekb

What are your thoughts on; "Le Capitaine de Fregate, de Garneau" or "de Gameau" as in his surname?

 on: 20 March 2020 12:47:32 pm 
Started by derekb - Last Post by derekb

Thank you very much for replying to both of my enquire is, much appreciated.



 on: 20 March 2020 11:42:10 am 
Started by derekb - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

Top left corner seems to be a name : le C F (Capitaine de Fregate) de Gameau (commanding? ) le Marocain and the 2nd DOE ( ...escorteurs?)
The other signature is clearly the BNLO (British Naval Liaison Officer) attached to the Marocain but difficult to read !

 on: 20 March 2020 09:56:17 am 
Started by derekb - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Not a Flower class, but a converted trawler.

I would suggest that it is HMS Negro. 

Built in 1932 as a fishing trawler by Cook, Welton & Gemmell at Hull for local company Hellyer Bros.  381 tons  145ft x 25ft (as built); rebuilt 1939 at 402 tons 161ft x 25ft
In 1939 requisitioned by the RN and converted to a minesweeper, pennant Fy.717
Returned to civilian owners in May 1945; sold to Lord Line later that year and renamed Lord Portal; sold again in 1947 to Ocean Steam Trawling and renamed Vian.   Sold for scrap 1957

 on: 19 March 2020 12:41:22 pm 
Started by derekb - Last Post by derekb
Further to my earlier post, is this French Ship Marocain, it appears to have been taken at Toulon, any opinions on what is written on the reverse welcomed.



 on: 19 March 2020 12:11:31 pm 
Started by derekb - Last Post by derekb
Good Day Everyone,
I am very new to the forum and I hope that I am posting in the correct area.
Some time ago I obtained various items relating to Leading Telegraphist D/Jx343296 David Gordon Mason, who seems to have served on several shore establishments and also the French ship "FS Marocain" as part of what I believe was the British liaison party to ensure good communications with other allied ships, mainly British, during WW2.
It is only now that I am able to research further.
There are numerous items, mainly photographs, his service folder, diary for 1943, a copy of the Bootle Times newspaper and other items I have yet to look at.
Amongst the items there are photographs mainly official of Norwegian troops in the UK, amongst the photographs is the one I have hopefully attached, of a ship flying the White Ensign and numbered 717, I am hoping that someone can help me to identify it, I believe in my ignorance that it is a Flower Class Corvette, hopefully I will upload other items with requests for help.

 on: 09 March 2020 09:40:17 am 
Started by tomrca - Last Post by tomrca
I have done some searching  on lcf6 that was at Dieppe raid and again known to be at Omaha invasion with gun support 0-2.

Any images, crew lists or more operation lcf6 took part in would be welcome.
Icfs was also in the Mediterranean.

My old man was on lcf6 serving in RM, there is also some connection to Peter Cecil Bull RN who commanded lcf16 but I think it's possible he may have served on lcf6 too.

 on: 01 March 2020 09:09:43 am 
Started by Elbow62 - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Although the uniform does look like that of a Sub-Lieutenant in the RN, I can find no trace of any Patrick Kelly in the Navy Lists of the period - and at the age of 23/24 he would have been rather old to become an Officer Cadet - at this time they would typically be in their teens.   
Presuming that he was a Merchant Navy officer, then this may help:

 on: 24 February 2020 06:40:04 pm 
Started by Elbow62 - Last Post by Elbow62
I have attached a picture of a man who is my great grandfather. His name is Patrick Kelly, born in Drogheda, Ireland on 6th March 1883. From a documentary point of view he is last recorded on the birth record of his daughter, my grandmother om 30th Jan 1907. Between getting married 5 months earlier and the birth Patrick joined the Navy either to provide for his family or to get away. He does not seemed to have lived with his family ever again. Any naval records or merchant navy (the family myth is that he joined the Merchant Navy but thus uniform looks like RN) just have the name with no other identifiers. Is there anything I can do to find out more about this situation?

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