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 on: 22 May 2020 11:13:10 pm 
Started by HarryReed - Last Post by HarryReed
Thank you very much for the information on HMS Glorious!

 on: 22 May 2020 03:20:17 pm 
Started by HarryReed - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
The carrier is HMS Glorious, photographed after her collision with the French liner Florida on 1 April 1931 off the coast of Spain; she initially went to Malaga and then to Gibraltar for temporary repairs, then to Malta in May for more permanent repair


 on: 22 May 2020 02:59:51 pm 
Started by Sailors son - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

AB - able seaman
LS - leading seaman; the rate between AB and PO; equivalent to the army's corporal

 on: 22 May 2020 11:37:29 am 
Started by Sailors son - Last Post by Sailors son
What is the difference between ab seaman and L seaman?

 on: 22 May 2020 09:33:13 am 
Started by HarryReed - Last Post by HarryReed
I would be most grateful if anyone can shed light on the attached photos - the first of which appears to be of a damaged aircraft carrier and the second of another stricken vessel close to shore.

Any insights appreciated!

 on: 22 May 2020 09:23:44 am 
Started by HarryReed - Last Post by HarryReed
I recently came across the attached photo of a gent from the RMLI on eBay.

What I find interesting is the fact that it was taken by a photographer in Multan.  As Multan is a significant distance inland, in the Punjab (in what is now Pakistan), I would be keen to know if anyone has information on the RMLI presence in Multan during the WW1 era?

Any insights welcome!

 on: 21 May 2020 07:18:00 pm 
Started by David Prestidge - Last Post by David Prestidge
Greetings. I joined this forum hoping to find out something of William Golding's Royal navy career. While my membership was being activated, I got hold of a copy of his biography "The Man Who Wrote Lord Of The Flies". Golding's Wiki entry says that he served on board a destroyer that was 'in at the kill" of the Bismarck. There were six destroyers of the Tribal class involved.

It seem the Wiki entry is wrong, and that Golding was a rating on board the cruiser HMS Galatea, which was involved in the very early stages of the hunt for the Bismarck, but withdrew some days before the final showdown. He says that the only moment of drama was when he was on watch, and excitedly reported enemy gunfire, only to be gently reminded a little later, by an officer, that what he had seen was a whale spouting.

Golding left the ship soon after and applied for a commission. He was lucky,as the Galatea was torpedoed off Alexandria later in 1941, with the loss of 22 officers and 447 ratings.

Golding went on to command landing craft. First a rocket-firing one on D Day (Gold Beach) but then he was involved in the very bloody Operation Infatuate, when the Allies forced the Germans off the island of Walcheren, in order to free up the approaches to Antwerp.

 on: 20 May 2020 04:03:19 pm 
Started by BargeBoy - Last Post by BargeBoy
Thank you very much. Will do.

 on: 20 May 2020 12:07:19 pm 
Started by BargeBoy - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

You should contact the Medal Office and check to see what medals are due, and whether they have been claimed or not.  I believe there is a form to be completed.   
MOD Medal Office
Innsworth House
Imjin Barracks,
GL3 1HW.

Tel: 0800 085 3600

 on: 20 May 2020 09:23:21 am 
Started by BargeBoy - Last Post by BargeBoy
Thank you Philo. I don't think he ever claimed them. Is there a way to do that now or is it too late?

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