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 on: Yesterday at 03:34:40 pm 
Started by KRoper - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Captain James Gregson Roper

Served from 1919

An outline of his career may be found here: (scroll down the page to get to his entry)

He evidently went to the prestigious Oundle school – see:

You should also see his records from the National Archives:

For his death, see:,adjacent%20to%20the%20sewer%20viaduct%20and%20Muddy%20Creek.

An outline of his service-
[presumably Cadet at BRNC Dartmouth 1919]
Midshipman   11 October 1920
Sub-Lieutenant 15 September 1921
Lieutenant 15 April 1923
Lieutenant Commander 15 April 1931
Commander 30 June 1935
Captain 31 December 1940

11 October 1920     battleship HMS REVENGE
3 January 1923       RN College Greenwich (for training)
23 August 1924     submarine HMS K.14
3 September 1925   submarine HMS  H.43
 18 April 1927      battleship HMS IRON DUKE
18 April 1928      submarine  HMS L.69
10 December 1929   depot ship HMS ALECTO     
21 April 1930      submarine  HMS H.32 (In command)
19 September 1930   sub depot HMS DOLPHIN
16 October 1930   submarine  HMS H.32 (in command)
24 October 1931   battleship HMS RESOLUTION
3 October 1933     minesweeper HMS FERMOY
23 January 1934   submarine HMS  L.22 (in command)
4 September 1934   submarine HMS SHARK (in command)
4 January 1936     courses/staff HMS PRESIDENT   
1 November 1938   cruiser HMS BELFAST (executive officer)
1 February 1940   sub depot ship HMS FORTH
18 April 1940         depot ship HMS AMBROSE (in command)
8 February 1942    subs shore base HMS DOLPHIN (as Chief Staff Officer)
24 April 1944        cruiser HMS NEWCASTLE (in command)
2 April 1945        depot ship HMS MONTCLARE (in command)
May 1945      headquarters ship HMS LOTHIAN as Chief Staff Officer Far East Fleet

Details of what these ships were up to can be provided if you want

Other bits and pieces:
for Oundle School:

Marriage notice appeared in newspapers in April 1927:
April 9 at St Jude’s Church, Southsea, by the Rev. B H Geary, V.C. assisted by the Rev. C F  Ayerst M.A., vicar, JAMES GREGSON ROPER Lieut., Royal Navy, eldest son of Mr & Mrs J G Roper of Seascale, Cumberland, to MARGARET, only daughter of Eng. Rear Admiral W A Dathan & Mrs Dathan, Southsea.

The Hampshire Telegraph carried a report on the wedding, which rather concentrates on what the ladies were wearing… so we know that the brides dress was embroidered with pearls and had a brocade train with a tulle veil; the bridesmaids were the two sisters of Lieut Roper and  were kitted out in apricot dresses and all carried bouquets of apricot carnations … the bridegrooms gift to the bridesmaids were opal brooches .. the brides mother was in gold and red (!) and the grooms mother was in blue…  the pair had their honeymoon “motoring in the west Country”

Several notices in Portsmouth local newspapers of Lieut J G Roper playing Rugby for the Navy in late 1920’s/1930’s

OBE in March 1940
“…for exemplary conduct and cheerfulness in adversity after an explosion had occurred in his ship” (this was HMS Belfast, now moored as a museum in London)

Hope all this lot helps ..

 on: 24 October 2020 09:45:00 am 
Started by KRoper - Last Post by KRoper

I am in the process of researching my Grandfather’s Naval Career, and was wondering if anyone had any information or photographs relating to him.

My Grandfather is: Captain James Gregson Roper OBE, RN.   

My Grandfather’s  Naval career commenced in 1921 and sadly came to an end in July 1945 when he was sadly killed in a plane crash in Sydney, Australia. 

Any information would be greatly received, thank you


 on: 19 October 2020 09:35:08 pm 
Started by Kathmc - Last Post by Kathmc
Thank you very much.

 on: 14 October 2020 06:57:19 pm 
Started by breynoldsfla - Last Post by breynoldsfla
Many thanks PhiloNauticus!

 on: 14 October 2020 02:37:53 pm 
Started by breynoldsfla - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

July 1781

Jamaica station

Endymion      44      
Ulysses      44      
Actaeon      44   
Janus       44   
Fortune      38      
Pallas      36      
Nymphe      36      
Santa Monica   32      
Southampton   32      
Diamond      32      
Fox          32      
Lowestoffe      32      
Hinchinbrook    28      
Pelican      24
Resource      28
Hydra      22

      Leeward Island station
Convert      32
Licorne      32
Amazon      32
Thetis      32
Cyclops      28
Pomona      28
Boreas      28
Pegasus      28
Triton      28
Sybil         28
Lizard       28
Eurydice      24
Champion       24

August 1781 
Jamaica Station - As July, but minus Endymion / Sta Monica  /  Hinchinbrook

Leeward Island Station - As July, but plus Sta Monica / and Hyaena  24

Source for the above (which should be quoted if used) - Derek Cripps Royal Navy Ships, Captains, Stations 1773 - 1807 (privately printed  2002);   

Cripps used the ADM.8 series in The National Archives (The present Disposal of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels in Sea Pay) compiled every month by the Admiralty

 on: 14 October 2020 02:24:11 pm 
Started by breynoldsfla - Last Post by breynoldsfla
That would be much appreciated!

 on: 14 October 2020 08:28:00 am 
Started by breynoldsfla - Last Post by PhiloNauticus
Not easily found.   

Some years ago  a chap named Derek Cripps produced a book/CD "Royal Navy Ships, Captains, Stations 1773 - 1807" which showed the info you wanted - but it is now a rarity.     I have a copy and can extract the info for 1781 and post it here.

 on: 13 October 2020 08:17:57 pm 
Started by breynoldsfla - Last Post by breynoldsfla
Where can I find the names of Royal Navy frigates that served in the Caribbean during the period July-August 1781?

 on: 12 October 2020 02:52:53 pm 
Started by Kathmc - Last Post by PhiloNauticus

CONU Calshot = Commanding Officer Naval Unit at Calshot.   This was not a commissioned naval ship, hence he was carried on the books of SHRAPNEL, which an Accounting Base at Southampton.   It was at RAF Calshot which was used for the assembly of Landing Craft ready for the D-Day landings

MASTODON = was the name given to Exbury House and was used for training Landing Craft crews for D-Day

He is later shown as Eaglet for ICARUS - Eaglet was the name of the base that would have looked after the accounts, Icarus was the ship, a destroyer

and later Vernon for OBDURATE - again, Vernon was the accounts base, Obdurate the destroyer

 on: 02 October 2020 10:40:16 am 
Started by Kathmc - Last Post by Kathmc

I have my fathers service record and I can’t read the name of two ships.

The line starting Shrapnel (c.onu ..........) and the second Shrapnel (M...........)  May 1944 to September 1944

I know he served on the HMS Icarus but not any others.

Thank you for any help.

Best regards

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