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Admiralty W/T Training School, Brighton Staff and class photos

A small collection of class passing out photographs and unit staff collected from a number of different sources:
The majority are from the collection of the late Lt. Gardner RNVR one of the school’s instructor officers.
Mrs. Maureen Stranger, granddaughter of Charles South a G.P.O. Telegraphist working at the school as an instructor, supplied the images of Class 23, 79 & unknown class, instructors and school staff photographs.
Class 20 photograph courtesy Mrs. Rebecca L. S. Jackson (nee Stroud), her grandfather Tel (S) Terence Stroud is back row fourth from left.
Class 41 photograph courtesy Keith Wood, his father Tel (S) Stanley Wood attended Brighton in class 41 is 2nd row, 5th from left.
Class 72 photograph courtesy Mr. Clifford Dennison.
Class 85 photograph courtesy Mr. Danny Siggers
Class 51 photograph courtesy of Mr. Michael Chambers, his father Headley Alan Chambers is the tallest rating in the middle of the back row.

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