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Author Topic: Help with understanding shore based notations  (Read 36770 times)


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Help with understanding shore based notations
« on: 08 October 2023 12:35:52 pm »


I'm totally new to understanding royal navy service records and I'm hoping someone with more experience can help get me started.

I've attached the record of my great uncle Harry, and I have some questions about it.

1. Victory 1,2,3 and 4
Were these all shore based station?
Were they all at Portsmouth?

2. Shore bases folowed by other names in brackets
About 2/3 of the way down it states St. Angelo (Duncan), then later Excellent (St. Fagan). I know that St. Angelo and Excellent were both shore bases. Does this mean his time was split between a shore base and ship (in brackets), or does the shore base followed by a bracketed name have another specific meaning?

3. In 1937 it says Harry was on "Boscawen (Bleswedd)", as far as I can make out(?). I can 't find any shore station called that or a ship called Blesswedd (or similar)

I'd really appreciate any help in understanding how these records are generally formatted and what/where some of these place are.

Also is there a good reference for future use that anyone can point me towards so that I can get the hang of this for myself?

Thanks very much for any help at all.



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Re: Help with understanding shore based notations
« Reply #1 on: 09 October 2023 12:32:28 pm »

To answer your questions –
Victory – was the shore barracks at Portsmouth.  The numbers were just for accounting purposes

Shore bases with names in brackets – smaller ships did not carry any admin staff, so all their paperwork, pay etc was carried out by a shore base, referred to as a ‘parent’. So, where you see, for example, Victory (Enchantress), it meant that he was serving onboard the Enchantress, but Victory barracks was looking after the admin work

Boscawen (Bleswedd) – Boscawen was the shore base at Portland – the name in brackets is actually Cherwell.  This was an armed trawler employed on Fishery Protection duties

I presume you have the details of the various ships listed (Tiger / Enchantress / Royal Sovereign / Boreas / Duncan /Keppel / St Fagan / Cherwell) ? and the shore bases?

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