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Author Topic: 124th and 128th Flotillas - Combined Ops - Attached HMT Derbyshire - Ops Info?  (Read 325 times)


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I am a bit of a long-term lurker, now a first time poster.  I have always enjoyed reading everything on the RN Research Archive, and look forward to participating more fulsomely in the days, weeks, months ahead.

I am a former Canadian Naval Officer, currently part of Canada's foreign service, and -- perhaps most importantly for this readership -- a serious, long-term amateur historian of the Royal Canadian Navy, and its relationship with the RN over the decades.

In that respect, I am currently researching a Briton who who served in the RCNR during the SWW: Warrant Engineer John Stanley GORE, RCNR.

Although formally enrolled into the Canadian Naval Service, Gore spend two years seconded to the RN (as the first two images below illustrate), serving with HMS Quebec (for Northney) which was, (as I understand), the accounting ship for the RN’s Combined Operations Forces. The final image below (all from Gore's RCNR service file) indicates that while serving with Combined Ops he earned the Atlantic, Africa, and Italy Stars.

Here's my conundrum: The third image also indicates he serve in "Combined Operations: 124 and 128 Flotilla", (which I assume where part of RN’s Combined Ops Forces). I have spent a fair amount of time, now, trying to find some detailed information on these 2 flotillas, but have not been able to come up with anything which seems appropriate.

During the period in question HMT Derbyshire (referenced in Gore's files) was an LCI (Large), and therefore I assume would have been the "mothership" of the 124th and 128th (Combined Operations) Flotilla.

I guess my mild uneasiness stems from the fact that I am surprised that no public record seems to exist of these flotilla; (indeed, I have not been able to find any public mention at all!) I am hoping to be able, eventually, to inch my way towards answers to questions such as: what was the make up of each flotilla?... how many craft in each?... were they always attached to the Derbyshire, a little more details about their actual landing operations, etc.

Hence, I am turning to the RN Research Forum to ask: can any one point point me in the right direction to find some substantive information on the operational history of these two flotillas? ... 124 and 128 Flotilla, Combined Operations.

Grateful for any assistance.


In Our Northern Dominion
Researching the RCN and its relations with other Commonwealth Navies.

Danny L

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Below  is  some  information  on  the  Flotillas.  This  came  from  documents  that  I  have  seen.  Although  there  are  bits  and  pieces  online  about  Derbyshire  there  does  not  seem  to  be  anything  about  the  LC  she  carried.

Although  124th  Flotilla  was  formed  in  1942  they  were  not  allocated  any  LCA  until  April  1943.



Flotilla  Staff.  -  1942

124th  Flotilla
Lieutenant  J.  Hawkes,  RNVR.
Sub-Lieut.  W.M.  Harding,  RNVR.
Sub-Lieut.  T.E.  Kelly.
Sub-Lieut.  J.A.C.  Legate,  RCNVR.
Act.  Sub-Lieut.  J.R.  Metcalfe,  RNVR.
Wt.  Engineer  S.  Gore,  RCNR.

20/4/43  -  LCA  in  Flotilla
Home  Waters,  Force “V”.

124th  Flotilla.  -  Rosneath.
LCA  285,  291,  347,  408,  477,  555

127th  Flotilla.  -  Rosneath
LCA  376,  384,  400,  439.  459.

128th  Flotilla  -  Rosneath
No  LCA  allocated  to  Flotilla  yet.

Home  Waters,  Force “V”.

124th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Derbyshire.
LCA  285,  291,  343,  347,  408,  477,  555,  569,  606,  608,

127th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Derbyshire.
LCA  264,  376,  384,  400,  439,  459,  506,  605,  624,  694.
LCS(M)(3)  36

128th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Circassia
LCA  123,  124,  292,  361,  367,  394,  497,  511,  516,  541,  752,  758.
LCS(M)(3)  59.

Foreign  Station,  Force “V”.

124th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Derbyshire.
LCA  285,  291,  343,  347,  408,  477,  555,  569,  606.

127th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Derbyshire.
LCA  371,  376,  384,  400,  459,  498,  506,  605,  610,  624,  694.
LCS(M)(3)  36

128th  Flotilla  -  Embarked  on  M.V.  Circassia
LCA  292,  361,  394,  497,  511,  516,  607,  680,  697,  701,  752,  755,  758.
LCS(M)(3)  59.


Personnel  capacity  given  as  2520/2566
Carried  20  LCA  +  1  LCE  or  LCS(M)  on  deck

Op  Husky  -  Sicily  10th  July  1943
Left  the  Clyde  28th  June  in  Assault  convoy  KMF18  arrived  Bark  West  beachhead  10th  July.
Bark  West  -  Pachino
LSI(L)  Derbyshire(R)  -  “R”  is  Sector  Roger
40  RM  Commando  land  in  LCA  from  127th  Flotilla.
Other  troops  carried  might  have  been  Canadian.

Op  Shingle  -  Anzio  22  January  1944
LSI(L)  Derbyshire  left  Naples  21st  January  in  Assault  Group  “D”,  arrived  “Peter  Sector”  Beachhead  22nd  January.

Troops  landed  -  1st  Battalion  Scots  Guards  and  1st  Battalion  Loyal  Regiment (North Lancashire
Third  Flight  6  LCA  from  Derbyshire  -  Beach  at  H + 30  -  2  Coys  Scots  Guards
Forth  Flight  -  7  LCA  from  Derbyshire  -  Beach  at  H + 45  -  2  Coys  Scots  Gds  &  Bn HQ
Fifth  Flight  -  7  LCA  from  Derbyshire  -  Beach  at  H + 60  -  2  Coys.
Part  of  HQ  2 Special  Service  Brigade,  9  and  43  RM  Commandos  embarked  on  Derbyshire  were  also  landed  by  LCA.
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