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Author Topic: FORUM RULES  (Read 73990 times)


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« on: 24 May 2012 10:55:39 pm »

Members are responsible for the content of their posts. The RN Research Archive forum (the forum) does not condone the sharing of copyrighted or otherwise illegal material.  Upon notification of any infringing content, and upon review, we will delete and remove said content in an appropriately quick fashion. We furthermore reserve the right to discontinue access to our service to users who repeatedly break any of our rules.

1. The language spoken/written on this forum is English. Posting comments, inquiries or replies in a non-English language is not permitted.
2. Abusive, ranting or angry posts (Flaming) will not be tolerated.
3. Do not post profanity.
4. Do not post or incite racism, sexism or homophobia, or insult other members. Members involved may receive a ban without warning.
5. The posting of advertisements or business URLs is NOT Permitted in posts, signatures or user profiles. Only URls to naval history sites or naval associations are permitted, these can be added by editing your Profile Page and filling in the Home Page Url box.
6. Posting private messages in public forums is not allowed - use the private message system
7. Spamming: Do not flood the forum with simple thank you posts, this is spam, use the private message feature. Simple one word posts such as "thanks", "nice find", "cheers", will be considered spam and deleted.
8. IMAGES: Nudity is not allowed; all images deemed inappropriate will be removed
9. ALL uploaded or linked to avatars must follow all rules of the forum. This includes coded links, language, etc. Nudity and drug related images are not allowed.
10.. DISRESPECT TOWARDS THE FORUM STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND MAY RESULT IN A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT BAN. Personal issues regarding the forum or the staff must be discussed with staff in private messages, not in the public forums.

Disclaimer: Moderators reserve the right to change or delete any questionable content at anytime. This includes, but is not limited to posts, signatures, avatars, etc. THE RULES MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

Regarding banned members: members who have been banned may not enter the forums using another account or an alias. Discovery of such activities will result in continual IP and e-mail address banning.

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